Ivette Ramírez

ATL 27. ♊️🗑🖤GSU

Happy birthday to this stylish little demon 🥰 #babyboyis2 #19yearstillyoucandrinkthatcorona #lilsavage
Happy birthday to one of my best friends. My brother, my soul sister, the Samantha to my Carrie. Love you forever pootie ♥️👽💃🏿💩
Aspen and his new padrino ♥️ #baptizedaf
Grady Baby™️
Happy birthday asshole! So lucky to have you in my life, it’s funny how life and the universe always has a plan. You’ve had a rough couple of months and I’ve admired the way you have handled everything thrown your way. You’re the best. Also, happy anniversary 😘
HBD to my ride or die #lilsisis21 you can finally give your borrowed ID back #RIPfakeID
the bestest boy 📷 @danielandrew89
To the first man that loved me, gracias por todo lo qué haces para nosotras. Thank you for always providing for us and making us laugh even when we don’t want to ♥️ tu peluche #restingbitchfaceclub
So the warlock of Atlanta just read me and I’m shook #tarotspread #thestruggle
Quien te quiso como yo
Minus the Bear preformed #planetofice in its entirety. It was a good day.
Happy National Sibling day to my lil brother #loveyou 📷: @thyjebus
#vickirita Because Coronas are for basics 🤙🏼🍺
Happy birthday to el jefe ♥️ he doesn’t like to smile 😑
Hennything is possible #sponseredbyhennessy
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