I’m one of the DALMATIANS for life btw make sure y’all follow my fave @obey_dalv0

It’s been a lil minute but im back @obey_dalv0
I’ll just leave this here @obey_dalv0
Couldn’t think of a caption 😂😂😂 @obey_dalv0
Issa real niggas Birthday today @obey_dalv0
I would love and appreciate if everyone stopped what they are doing and GO AND SHOW MY FAVE SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE !!!! He is probably the most motivational and funny and loving and caring person somebody could every meet so with that being said i hope he enjoys his day today and i hope he gets lots of wishes and love and again i love u and ur personality and Happy Birthday @obey_dalv0
“It’s ya boy Dally Dal” - @obey_dalv0
How was ur weekend??? @obey_dalv0
Name somebody besides Lebron... who can do it better I’ll wait 🤔
It’s been a minute since i last posted miss me?? 🤔 @obey_dalv0
Y’all ain’t know my fave gotta secret 🤫 baby 👶🏽 momma 🤰🏽@obey_dalv0
He was hella cute 😍back then 💯 and he’s hell sexy 😋 now 💯 @obey_dalv0
Do me a favor and add my fave on the snap @obey_dalv0
Jus a lil throw back to bless 🙏🏾 ya time line @obey_dalv0
When i found out Cardi B and Offset got married secretly 😮 @obey_dalv0 @iamcardib @offsetyrn
“I like stunting I like shining” @iamcardib @obey_dalv0
ZADDY 😋😍 @obey_dalv0
Did y’all miss me???? 👀
Haven’t posted in here in a min @obey_dalv0 #dalmatians
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