Ian Stoufer

Graphic Designer @studionumberone / LA

God is a woman. Music: “Pretty Baby” by SASSY 009 #graphicdesign #poster #posterdesign #motiongraphics @blazetype @sassy_009
“Liquid Nails” by Martha Mysko and Emily Nachison @elephant_art_space. Loved this line from the press release: “Seashells, candles, hair gel, oversized perfume bottles, custom-printed beach towels, fountains, and teenage paraphernalia are collaged together to create a liminal environment inspired by dreamscapes, cheap beauty products, cartoon color palettes, google image searches, and low-budget film sets.” Very into this. @marthamysko @emilynachison
“Conceptual Craft II” at DENK. I went to an opening for once! @denk_gallery
Thanks to @n.k.bowers for updating this picture of me to match my current political sentiments ☺️ I’m no expert, but it seems safe to say that shit’s fucked. I’m not proud to celebrate America right now. Racism, sexism, jingoism, or hatred of any kind are not my values. But I do believe that, like anything, politics are cyclical. We’re in darkness now but the natural order is to circle back into the light. The system is broken and maybe it never really worked in the first place. But I know we can fix it and it’s going to be really amazing when we do. #2020
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