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Shhhmonday 🖤
The other day, I had a dream about walking around in New York. The sky was beautiful and the weather was cool. Not too hot, not too cold. Some clouds filled the sky, and the sun was peeking behind a building. For some odd reason, I had a light colored umbrella. I don’t even think it was raining. People were walking, minding their own. It was a nice dream. Odd, but good. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to visit there some time. 🖤 anyway, happy Sunday y’all. ♥️
My kids are growing ♥️ love them oh, oh so much. @_elysiasilvina_ @rudyhernandezz @monicarhernandez6 @bxnjvmxn
Ever just wonder what you’ll be doing, or where you’ll be in the next years to come? I do. Daily. I want so much. So much more. I think of ways on how to do it all. I want the world. I want the ability to do everything. To have so much and while living the dream, simply cruising the world like a boss.🖤
Received a fabulous message from @ssgsotello this morning!! I love, love, love this photo of my beautiful daughter, @monicarhernandez6 !! This means everything to me.. been missing her a lot lately, so this pic couldn’t have come at a better time. Ladies and gents, please show some love!! #army #usa #america #military #infantry #getsome #hanfordarmy #mydaughter #soproud
Walking into Monday feeling winded and truly disliking the Central Valley. This area is definitely the arm out of Lucifer. Good day, y’all. #monday #pollution #sucks #armpit #shenanigans
Oh you know, some friendly reminders from #facebook .. just me and the nephew. #2012 #2015 #historyinthemaking #nephew #hescrazy #dontletthatdimplefoolyou
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” —Maya Angelou 🖤
Sick moments call for #snapmoments 🖤 happy hump day folks
#Monday 🖤
Was contacted today by an old friend of mine!! Miss Julie!! 💜💙💜💙 It was awesome to hear from her!! Anyway, this pic was maybe around 2005-2006.. Young buck years!! In fact, #gottschalks days!! #backintheday #memorylane
Everyone has a story. Every single person. Good, bad, fun, etc. For each person, certain stories will stand out more- no matter what. You will carry on, live everyday to the fullest, think you’re good, then boom. Your body, your mind will encounter a moment of some kind of emotion(s) because of “that” memory. Today marks 5 years and one day. 5 years ago, with one day. I’ve come to terms I will never not remember that time. And that’s okay with me.. and I’ll tell you why. Now, I won’t go into detail about what exactly took place, because frankly, that’s not my focus right now. But what I will tell you is, I truly thought my world ended. I was beyond devastated, sad, angry, lost and every negative emotion you can think of. I remember feeling defeated. And although it was the most dangerous day/weeks/months of my life, I wouldn’t change it for the damn world. Through all that mess, I can honestly say, I’ve learned so much about others and most importantly, me. What I should focus on, rather focusing on irrelevant things/people. To listen and to not always talk. Don’t intentionally harm others, emotionally and/or physically. Everything is temporary. Be kind. Respectful. Strong. So on, and so on. I’m so thankful for that trial in my life. Without that nonsense, I truly believe I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am, so driven, and so strong willed. Which in turn, has resulted with strong minded children, respectful, very committed and ready to change the world. And for this, I’m so damn thankful. So, just know, I’m not mourning right now. Nor am I deeply saddened because of the memories, I’m simply celebrating my life. And you should be doing the same thing to. Find your reason. #findyourreason #bekind #bethechange #life #love #celebrate #beautifuldestinations #resilience #bethechange #domesticviolenceawareness #everyonehasastory #lifeisgood #blessed #fortunate #makeithappen #itsalluptoyou
Sideways... exactly how I felt today. One thing for sure, if I were a super hero, my weaknesses would be banana pie, a puppy(ies) and my damn stomach. Almost tapped out from class today.. but handled it like a pro with some pretty bad ass ladies. 💪🏼💪🏼👊🏼💢 Happy Friday, y’all. #missmymay #kickboxing #learn #master #teach #remedy #secondhome #hanford #california @my_greatest_mission @ivette_journey2fit @mgm.bosslady
Sportin’ my baby girl today @monicarhernandez6 !! Happy 4th, ‘Merica!!!!!! Let’s keep those fingers and eyes!! Stay safe!! #merica #usa #america #army #happy4th #4thofjuly
Schmuck. When life is too good to waste valuable time on a schmuck. 😘 #dontbeaschmuck #hashtagthis #movealong #schmuck
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