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He was the visionary behind Chanel for many years and reinvented high fashion. Chanel haute couture in the Grand Palais in Paris was my first fashion show I had the honor to attend. My sister and I sat front row and had the chance to meet Karl Lagerfeld after the dazzling show. Although his values did not necessarily coincide with mine, ethically and sustainably, I have much respect for his creative genius. Rest In Peace Karl Lagerfeld.
They say, ‘Think of the one area of life that brings the most discomfort, and know that's where you're ripe for growth...’ a good one to ponder on a Sunday sipping @daughterofthehive.
Let’s get serious about being the change we want to see. I’m excited to be involved with NewKind, an annual masterclass for social change held over six days in Marion Bay, Tasmania. There’ll be inspiring speakers, workshops, plant based meals, yoga and more. Newkind is only 9 days away. I know a lot of you share the same interest in social change and environmental activism, so I’d love to see you there! I hope you’ll leave feeling empowered and equipped with the tools to spark positive change for yourself and our precious planet. Please use discount code ISABEL19 for 20% off. @newkindfestival #Newkind #Newkind2019 #SolarPowered #SocialChange #ZeroWaste #GroundSwell #PlantBased Pic by @maxdoyle_photographer
Taking a leaf out of Einstein's book... "Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein. I’m delighted to support the Million Dollar Vegan campaign as it encourages people around the world to try vegan for Lent. I’ve been vegetarian for many years, it’s gentle way to show respect for animal lives and I’m taking it a step further and joining @paulmccartney @jamescameronofficial @woodyharrelson , #JoaquinPhoenix , @moby , #CaptainPaulWatson , maybe the Pope! & many more to try vegan food through Lent. Animal farming is a leading driver of climate change, global deforestation, and species loss. With an immense amount of carbon emissions caused by beef and sheep farming, eating vegetarian or vegan food is an effective way to reduce carbon emmissions. For those who are striving to lighten their footprint on the planet, visit to learn more. #MillionDollarVegan #FightClimateChangeWithDietChange #VeganPope @milliondollarvegan
‘In Like Flynn’ now released in selected US cinemas & for sale on DVD in Australia February 6. #InLikeFlynn #ErrolFlynn ⚓️
Why is it that Australia continue undermine and disregard the sensitivities that exist on a day like today? Already in the first 9 days of this year, five Aboriginal girls between the ages of 12 and 15 took their own lives. In NT, 100% of juvenile detention centres are filled by Aboriginal minors. This is not a time for pity, it is a time for solidarity, through deep listening, respect and acknowledgement. Honoring the traditional custodians of Australia our shared lands. #alwayswillbeAboriginalland #changethedate
I had a moving visit to the Art Gallery of NSW in the lead up to Australia Day where I was taken on a tour, by the Assistant curator of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Art, Coby Edgar. Who is able to speak with such strength and insight about these exhibitions; tackling issues such as displacement, invasion, massacre, forced removal of children and the continued violence against Aboriginal people since 1788. On a day like today, as Australians we can connect with and honour Aboriginal people in some way. This was, and always will be Aboriginal Land. We can recognise their rich and courageous contributions to our shared histories - and their unique and powerful ways of sharing their own history and their own Indigenous methodologies of story telling. We can learn from, and appreciate the beauty of their art practices and the living energies that they resonate, the sentience of their homelands and the depth and intricacies of their knowledge systems. #changethedate #invasionday -Artists: Lorna Napanangka, Untitled (Marapinti) 2003; Rusty Peters, Chinamans’ Garden Massacre, 2000; Lena Nyadbi, Hideout, 2002 @artgalleryofnsw
Nature is precious. If you want to find out ways to care for our planet and live in symbiosis with it, come to @newkindfestival. #NewKind #solarpowered #zerowaste #crueltyfree #bootcampforsocialchange Pic by @rhe_anna_lee , love-heart-ripples by @lisasofievile 💗
While I have been in the red centre, I have learnt about an amazing organisation that my friend Saha Jones is a brand ambassador and social justice advocate for, she is also the Next Generation Development Manager for The Art Gallery of New South Wales. Maruku Arts was founded in the early 80s during the peak of the “hand back” movement, and are the biggest and oldest independent Aboriginal owned not for profit arts organisation. They support the cultural activities and traditions of Indigenous story telling across the central desert region, which is about the size of Sweden. If not for Maruku the infrastructure of Keeping Culture Stong would not exist... “Maru” means “Black” and “ku” means “belonging to”. At the heart of its mission, is teaching about the importance of Punu. “Punu” means “alive wood” which connects to a deep science and understanding of land management and belonging to country. Any object that is made here, with the people who are custodians of this knowledge is considered ALIVE, it’s aliveness connects to Ancestal Spirit and the life force in all things. Tools and Totems are extensions of identity, knowledge systems and belonging. Maruku also provide one of the only opportunities in the tourist environment based at Uluru to directly engage with the traditional owners specific to this region. It’s soo important to support the platforms that enable Anangu to tell their own stories on their own country and be properly remunerated for this sharing. There are barely any other forms of employment for Anangu, outside of Arts and Culture and even here it is sparse. Thank you so much for having me at the workshop @marukuarts @sahajonze and traditional owner Sarah Dalby, from who I learnt that Indigenous cultures did have characteristics of civilisation, blowing away the old story that underpins the justification for colonial invasion through Terra Nullius. We have a lot to do to mend this wound, and it can be healing and transformational for us all. 🖤 #marukuarts #Uluru
Did you know that the Indigenous Australians only received Australian citizenship in 1967? The original people inhabited this land for over 65,000 years but they were not counted - couldn’t vote, did not receive equal pay, or get citizenship until 1967, when the constitution acknowledged they were in fact ‘humans’ as opposed to ‘flora and fauna’. #Wtf . I did not even know/remember this date off by heart, and I think I should... The sheer absurdity of it has me wondering if I’d in fact prefer to belong to the category of flora and fauna... I’d reckon flowers and lizards’d have a far more intelligent way of living, right? #1967 #kindergartenfacts #shouldbe #Katatjuta #Uluru ❤️ // jeans by my favourite @outlanddenim
To climb or not climb? I know how I feel about it. And while I do respect other opinions, I’m pretty sure the French would be offended if hundreds of visitors abseiled daily off the Notre Dame Cathedral or other sacred places and often even needed to defecate on top. Why do we show regard for sacred spaces in Europe and other non-indigenous cultures, but don’t respect the wishes of the traditional elders and custodians in Australia? They have asked that Uluru not be climbed. In October 26 2019 (coinciding with the 34th anniversary of the historic return of Uluru to traditional owners), the ever ancient and sacred Uluru will be officially closed for climbing. All visitors will still be welcomed to explore around the Rock, feel the Rock and be privy to potent Dreamtime stories. Does something about this acknowledgment also make your heart sing? #Uluru ❤️💛🖤
Happy new year! #FieldofLight #brucemunrolight ✨🔸 Exhibit named Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku, which is local Pitjantjatjara for ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’. #Uluru #lightgarden #magiclittlelights #aliveearth 🔹🔸✨ (covers 7 football fields!)
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