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Actress 🔸 Environmentalist

I was invited to an enchanted fairy-garden party last night celebrating @thebodyshopaust forest re-wilding initiative - helping protect and regenerate over 10 million square meters of forest in England and Armenia! ✨ By 2020 @thebodyshopaust has committed to protecting 75 million square meters of forest habitat. Every purchase, big or small, is a contribution towards bio bridges and creating corridors for bio diversity, allowing the forests to regenerate. #enchantedbynature #ethicalchristmasgifts #thebodyshopaust Dress by @kitx , jewels @templeofthesunjewellery , bag @chanelofficial
With the wonderful @nashedgerton shooting a little short film, in the Big Apple directed by the lovely @thibuch. #shortfilm #newyork #littlebigapple
All the loves. Pic by @ekadarville
Thank you @tiffanyandco for your inspiring collaboration with @greatbarrierreeffoundation supporting innovatives and on the ground work to protect and restore the Reef. The Wave pendant necklace (I’m wearing here 💕) donates 100% of the profits towards preserving the Great Barrier Reef! I’ve recently learnt mass coral bleaching on our Reef in 2016 was made: 175 times more likely due to #climatechange ! The chemical and physical conditions of the ocean are changing at rates which are faster than any seen during the past 65 million years. While the facts are scary but the solutions are bright. And @tiffanyandco is a great example of how big scale businesses can make big scale impacts. (In 2018 The Tiffany & Co. Foundation committed US$1m (AU$1.4m) to help protect and restore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Since it’s establishment in 2000, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation has awarded over US$75m grants through its environmental programs.) Dress by @yeojinbae , necklace @tiffanyandco , earrings @ferragamo , bag @chanelofficial #climatechangeisreal #coralnotcoal #preservethereef #tiffanysustainability
Fact: More than 1 mil plastic bags are used every minute and never used again! This is when I mimic Lauren Bacall’s expression. 😮 I learnt this from my mate @take3forthesea. If we carry on this way, scientists predict in that 2 decades there’ll be more plastic in sea than fish. Your actions are more powerful than you think! Here’s to opting out of buying plastic, whenever we can! #plasticfree #littlesteps #globalwarming #loveoursea #laurenbacall
A truly special night seeing my long time friend @lukasnelsonofficial play with his family last night. See him in @starisbornmovie , he produced and played on many of the songs! Thank you for your beautiful salts of the earth soul @lukasnelsonofficial #willynelson #lukasnelson
My favorite place to sit watch the colours change and twinkles twinkle. Farewell LA. #losangeles #theangels #cityofhearts
Wish I could have kept my characters red wig. 🥀 @inlikeflynnmovie now showing in Australian cinemas. #InLikeFlynn #ErrolFlynn
Suggesting various ways to my old friend @thekickgurry that we can all be comfortable reducing our emissions... Maybe we go solar, minimize or stop eating meat, consider our vote, recycle, walk to work, buy a hybrid car, go plastic free, plant tree seedlings, transition to 100% renewables or see how we can get our own workplace, council and community institutions to change to 100% renewables as well? Kick has started learning magic and is convinced it might help... he’s also agreed that it may take more than magic to turn this thing around!! He’s on board to do his part.. are you? Scientific consensus is almost certain that marine life and coral reefs will no longer be around in 32 years if we don’t drastically change how we live and immediately start carbon sequestration. And we can’t live on a planet with dead oceans. #reduceco2emissions #globalwarming #carbonnuetral #carbonabsorbing #climatecall #climatechange #didyouhearaboutthatcall #renewableenergy #coralnotcoal #stopadani
Thank you @veuveclicquot 🥂 Style @ valerejewellery @nastygal and @vincecamuto #vcpoloclassic #VeuveClicquot
This is my magical friend @thekickgurry. I’ve been staying at his beautiful home this past month.. if you ever get the chance to do the same - lucky you!!! I think it’s been the best month of my life!!! For not only is he the kindest, warmest, most generous, loving, caring, brilliant, handsome, powerful and impossibly hilarious human being you could ever meet, he also looks outrageously perfect with his shirt off!!! In fact, the hardest part of my time living with him, was knowing whether I was watching Fight Club - or just talking to him about his amazing day!! I think he might be the best person EVER. Of all time. Including everyone. And all of human history. And he would NEVER steal my phone and write his own Instagram post about himself on my account. Even if my phone was unlocked and I fell asleep next to him on the couch. He is just not the type. No way. And he’s single too!! What a dream boat!!!! Those eyes.. #swoon #bestever #lovehimsomuch #fountainofyouth #godamongstmen #hislordship #heissingleladies #kickofthenorth #thelair #dontyoudare 😉
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