Isabella Brendle

📍Charlotte, NC 💪🏽Student Person Trainer

Complete your 2019 resolutions so in 2020, you can work on bettering yourselves even more. • • Motivation fueled by: My own personal goals, @its_millertime504 @jenna_mariefit @whitneyysimmons @hattieboydle @maria_g_fit @deniceemoberg @hannaoeberg @kk_fit_ and so many more. • Dig deep and find what motivates you and get after your goals! But most importantly, learn to love your body regardless of where you’re at in your journey. Learn to love the journey, love the milestones beaten, and love the endless opportunities for the future.
New Year, new goals, same us💥
Don’t let the smiles confuse you, we really aren’t that nice❤️☠️
Let’s talk about how lucky I am💛
Don't forget to love yourself ❣️ · · · Shirt designed by the fabulous @wearetheweirdos666 thank you for making clothes that allow women to feel beautiful in!!!
Thank you for showing me around Fabulous Starkvegas✨
Happy Birthday to my absolute best friend!!! We only have each other in this life bro, and I'm always going to be there for you! 💫
Happy Birthday to my Lovie💕 Thank you for doing all that you do for me, all that you do for us and for loving and supporting me unconditionally. (and for putting up with my crazy and my even crazier big fat Greek family)
Forever his plus 1❣️
Fam appreciation post!! We may be disfunctional but we're all we've got!!
Love mine💎
I’ve never been more proud of you Rob! You’re an amazing role model to me (most of the time) and I thank God every day that he gave me my built in best friend. We’ve been through a lot together and I can’t promise that we won’t go through so much more, but I can promise you that you’ll never go through it alone. You’re gonna do life changing things in this world, I already know it❣️
Missing my mans and football season😭
2017 has given me so many opportunities and has taught me so many lessons. But this man right here next to me takes the cake (get it, bc you love cake?) God has blessed me by making one of my best friends, my boyfriend and I could never thank Him enough for bringing him into my life!
Heading to the playoffs like...
Happy Birthday to my absolute best friend💖💖💖 We have been through so much together. You are the only person that I want to do nothing with, sing horribly in the car with, get lost in Costa Maya with, have random balloon fights on the beach with, leave campus during lunch because we don't like people, go on late night drives, and so so much more than probably shouldn't be put in writing. I love you like a sister because that's what you mean to me. You hear people talk about friends that are "soulmate friends", well you're mine and you always will be💖 @demipistolis
Congratulations Tori and Henry! Love you both💘
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