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Spacer // back to school (again) tomorrow rip
beautiful. amazing. iconic. legendary. I need to watch black panther again because I really loved killmonger, he was just so well written and complex
Spacer // me vs not forgetting to post
tony stark - shut up and drive - - i’m back y’all!!! it only took five months skbsbd,, this was a v long process but I feel more confident and motivated than ever ! also I love tony bye - - ac. me ! cc. celestial / nocturnly dt. becca + shelby ;) - - - - #omgmarvel #omgpage #marveledit #tonystark #tonystarkedit #rdj #rdjedit
Spacer // I cant wait for fall but I hate school so that’s a yikes
hello I haven’t posted in a while because I don’t know what to post but here enjoy this picture !!! I say this all the time BUT y’all should really listen to thirty seconds to mars because they’re amazing
Spacer // wHOOPS haven’t posted in a while sorry
Spacer // this row doesn’t match AND its blue again but idc anymore
[ old edit ] happy birthday to the loml!!!! 💕💓💞💕💓💞💕💓💞 || I’m really upset that I couldn’t make a new edit for Harrison’s birthday this year ugh. ANYWHO ENOUGH ABOUT ME:: - I am so glad that I rediscovered Harrison Ford and Star Wars at the time that I did. I loved him and sw as a kid but lost interest after a few years. In February of 2016, I joined the Star Wars + Harrison fandoms and a few months later I made this account. Because of this, I have made so many amazing friends and memories! I’m so proud to be a fan of such a great guy. He’s kind, generous, funny, and a great actor (give him an Oscar NOW!). And handsome of course 🤩. Anyways I’m just so thankful that I found Harrison when I did, and have been able to enjoy so many of his movies for the past 2 years. ❤️
Spacer // I just realized I haven’t posted since the 4th whoops sorry
Spacer // hope everyone had a good day :)
[ old edit ] || happy 100th cap! 🇺🇸❤️💙
Spacer // happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans !
Spacer // how have y’all been
blade runner 2049: iconic. || if you haven’t seen my story yet I wrote up my thoughts but wow it was amazing and definitely is one of my favorite movies
Spacer // I always forget to post oops
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