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Summit21 @imsebastianstan 💞 My current state: Dead because of Infinity War @taikawaititi IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL

's post - - Dt: @imsebastianstan cuz it's his birthday!💞 - - Okay well here it goes.... Sebastian, you're an amazing, wonderful, talented, kind, down to Earth, caring man to ever step a foot on this Earth. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find someone who's like you. It's just impossible. You always make me happy and are such an inspiration. When I met you in person, I was a stuttering mess and yeah I thought I was about to pass out because I never thought I was gonna meet you but you were so fucking nice and just... Wow. You're like a freaking puppy. I could go on and on about how an amazing person you are and deserve all the happiness in the world but I'm gonna run out of room if I continue. Aș vrea să-ți mulțumesc pentru tot ce-i cu Seb. Te iubesc atat de mult.💞💞Sper că ai o mare zi de naștere Sebastian.💞 La mulți ani 💞 - Excuse my potty mouth but 36 MY FUCKING ASS!! HE LOOKS 25! - - #sebastianstan #sebstan #happybirthday #mcu #marvel #thebronze #themartian #politicalanimals #gossipgirl #picnic #omgpage #whitewolf #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #lancetucker #chrisbeck #tjhammond #carterbaizen #halcarter #birthdayforseb @imsebastianstan
Here we go again with people making accounts saying they're Sebastian 🤦 FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME, JUST STOP! ITS DISGUSTING AND CREEPY! - - Sebastian's only social media account is @imsebastianstan on Instagram. All other accounts are fake. - #sebastianstan #sebstan
Happy birthday to my favorite Chris😂 @chrishemsworth - - #chrishemsworth #thorodinson #marvel #mcu #infinitywar #ageofultron
Just finished IW for the 8th time and I keep saying this and I'm gonna say it again......BUCKY LOOKS HELLA FINE! Boi got his hair trimmed, highlighted and deep conditioned just for Steve😂😂 - - #infinitywar #mcu #marvel #wintersoldier #whitewolf #buckybarnes #sebastianstan @imsebastianstan
Fire alarm went off because Seb's hot af 😂 - - #sebastianstan #sebstan #fandemichouston #sebcon @imsebastianstan
's post - [no audio challenge] - - @multibxrnes told me to make a soft edit and now I'm actually terrified to listen to the audio - Edit: HOW COULD YOU!! IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU - - #noaudiochallenge #sebastianstan #sebstan #mcu #marvel #wintersoldier #buckybarnes #thebronze #lancetucker #themartian #chrisbeck @imsebastianstan
I did pretty poorly last year in two classes. So I'm gonna take a break from social media. If you want to unfollow, feel free. My number one priority in life is having a good education. And keeping off of social media will not only help me keep focused but also help me keep away from the drama in the Standom lately - - I'll post Seb's bday edit and an IW edit before then. - - #10moremonthstillfreedom #schoollife #mcu #marvel #sebastianstan #sebstan
Mood since I'm going to a new school...... Yaaayyyy😂😂 - - #sebastianstan #sebstan #whothehellareyou @imsebastianstan
DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT WHATSOEVER GIVE THIS PERSON ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION! He's posing to be as Sebastian and saying "he'll personally visit you" so do not give this person any information. Sebastian too knows about this person posing to be him. AND SEBASTIAN'S ONLY ACCOUNT IS @imsebastianstan - - #sebastianstan
I was eating my breakfast and then BOOM I CHOKED. I LOVE HIMBAHSHXBSJSJS😭😍 - - #sebastianstan #sebstan
Istg if I see or hear one more person saying "NO! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A JOKE" or "NO HE'S MINE", I will go all "BOOM BOOM WHOOSH! EARTH IS CLOSED TODAY". He's a 35 year old man and most of this fandom is what, somewhere between 13-18. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! He deserves to be happy and for fucks sake respect his damn privacy. So what if he's dating her?! Let him live! Let him be happy! Be happy for him for God's sake. You all were never happy for him when he was with Margarita. He thinks of us as his friends. Friends respect their friend's privacy. So if y'all won't SHUT THE HELL UP AND BE HAPPY FOR HIM, I'll leave the Standom. And I'm not kidding, most of the Standom is fucked up. So if y'all won't get your shit together, I will not hesitate to go all BOOM BOOM WHOOSH on whoever says rude shit about Sebastian and the girl. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT SEND HER ANY RUDE MESSAGES OR DEATH THREATS! I'm like thiiiiiiiiisssssss close to roasting y'all's asses for sending any girl he talks to, death threats. No one deserves that AT ALL. And for the last time...I'm gonna say it onnneee moorreee time before I leave...... RESPECT. SEBASTIAN'S. PRIVACY! Don't be taking photos of him when he's on a date or out. It's rude! - - - Okay rant's over. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. I'm going back to editing for another 3 hours - #sebastianstan #sebstan #mcu
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