Zenea Marie Sophomore 16 year old October 18, 2002 Ssahs Marching band Deaf I love Harry hook Sofia Carson Southside serpent 🐍 Class of 2021πŸŽ“

Miss senior jay
Miss senior
Love this girl addy
Watch a quiet place #aquietplace @aquietplacemovie
Song: fight song by Rachel Platten @rachelplatten #fightsong #rachelplatten
Follow me on and Twitter @twitter
Never forgot battle of Hogwarts #battleofhogwarts
Ready dor battle of band festival tonight #battleofbands2018 #fiestas @fiestasa
Goes to see my dad in prison today with zoe and my grandma
Dinner with my family at olive garden @olivegarden
Don't stop ⏰inspired by @emmakeuven
Just get my haircut today
With my sister zoe
New shirt
Martinez twins @emiliovmartinez and @ivanmartinez
Eddie kaspbrak and Richie tozier @jackdgrazer and @finnwolfhardofficial #eddiekaspbrak #richietozier
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