iLoveKickboxing Bayport

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Terrifying Tuesday Evening classes at Slayport With Michael Myers... I mean Mike Bridgwood and Viv 👻😈💀 Who’s coming to take class tonight? 💥5:15pm 💥6:30pm 💥7:45pm
What’s better about working out on the weekend, than with your family ?! ♥️
For the month of October we are ending each class with our “WHEEL OF TORTURE”!!! WOOHOO! Tonight’s challenge: 50 X-Ups!!! Let’s gooo. We like to help our members stay accountable now that winter is coming!!! 💪🏼💪🏼
SUPERMAN punches 👊🏻💢👊🏻💢
6AM started classes for the day & our WHEEL...OF.... TORTURE 😈 come take classes during the month of October & find out what your workout challenge is 🎃 👻
Torture Tuesday evening classes are starting soon... or maybe NOT! 🤔 come and find out! Comment below with a GIF of you are coming! #breastcancerawareness
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