Ian Inzano

Follower of God HUGE DC Comics nerd! 💪Calesthenics💪 YEET!!!

Lots of fun at the track meet today! But one vid shows me falling off the bar at 40 pull ups 😄 destroyed the competition though (my grip started fading at 30 🤷‍♂️)but hey, first place! 🥇I beat my record of 31 today!
Happy Valentines Day!
OoF... This was soooo close to my classroom! Glad nobody was hurt! ⚡️⚡️
I don’t know who took these pictures on my phone, but they look cool.
Happy New Year everybody! Congratulations to everybody who kept their 2017 resolutions!
My parents made a sand sculpture for New Years!
Had a SUPER fun time celebrating my B-Day with these guys today! (my real birthday is on Christmas Eve) We did a Sherlock Holmes themed escape room and it was awesome! They are honestly the best friends I can ask for, and I am thankful to have them. Luckily, Nohea showed up later that day...
My parents just finished a HUGE sand sculpture at the westin!
Thanksgiving dinner! With my grandparents, so dinner is at 3:00 😂😂
Made by Edgar @dank6934420