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Journalist and Mom who loves to tell stories...to my kids and to the world. #bekind

Talking about #EverydayBravery and the power of mentorship with the awesome team at @cheddar . If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, I hope you will! Link in bio. @prudential
This next episode of #EverydayBravery is about regrets, making amends and starting over. We profile Leon, a man who has made a lot of mistakes in his life. At 64, when most people are getting ready to retire, he’s starting from scratch. But he’s committed to breaking the chains of his past and writing a new future. I hope you’ll listen to Leon’s story (link in bio), and please subscribe to the podcast for more stories of everyday bravery. @prudential
Post Thanksgiving workout with the fam and I’m still feeling the pain. #Repost @dottie_west with @make_repost ・・・ Family that eats turkey together works out together. #gobbletillyouwobble #fitfam
I’ve never been a good cook, nor have I really enjoyed cooking. But I’m starting to get into it. This #Thanksgiving I cooked three dishes. This one is pomegranate glazed rainbow carrots. I also cooked a corn casserole and an arugula and raw baby artichoke salad with lemon anchovy dressing. I was super flustered and overwhelmed in the kitchen, but I did it! And as you can tell, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. 🤘 #cookingiskindafun
Grateful for family and this little nugget’s smile. Happy #thanksgiving #gratefuleveryday 😀 ❤️
Getting out of town. Never thought I’d say-we’re heading to Los Angeles for cleaner air. We continue to send our love to the victims of the #campfire and #woolseyfire . #californialove
We all have fears. For Jon, it’s bridges. Crossing them gives him paralyzing panic attacks. But with the help of fear expert @kristen.ulmer , and a patient police officer, Jon begins to face his fears. Listen to Jon’s story in the latest episode of #EverydayBravery (LINK in Bio). And I hope you’ll be inspired to face your own fears. 😊 @prudential
Staying indoors to avoid the smokey air in NorCal. At least we got to see the #zioziegler exhibit at the #MarinMoca and get some sketching in. Prayers for Cali and all of the residents and first responders in the fire zones.
Getting our #VOTE on! And we hope you do too! ✌🏼 🇺🇸 ✔️
Kids in awe as @transbayskateboarding shreds it. #skategoals
Happy Halloween! 💩 😻🧟‍♂️😜 #threeemojisandafrankenstein
When Trevor’s wife Becca died suddenly, he was left to raise their three boys all under the age of six. Listen to his story of courage in the latest episode of my podcast #EverydayBravery (link in bio). @prudential
My grandmother helped raise my sister and me. I miss her every day. Recently my sis asked me to join her on her show #ThisIsLife to try to reconnect with our grandma. It was a unique experience to say the least. The episode airs tonight at 10pm E/P on @cnn . @lisalingstagram #weloveyougrandma
#pumpkinpatch 🎃 ❤️
First belt test for this little #ninja . He was so nervous and almost in tears, but he made it through and had big sissy cheering him on!🥋 #proudmama #taekwondo
Thanks @theprojectforwomen for capturing these behind the scenes moments and for featuring me in your latest profile. Love your site and the work you do! 📷: @laurilevenfeld
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