Spraycanart by HUGE!

Original balloonwriter! Inventor of the Helium Graff-style. Youtube:

#tbt to last year exhibition at @wallerygallery Stockholm. Spraypaint on metal. #hugeone1
Video of my painting at the @urbanpaintingaroundtheworld event in Monaco! Benefit for the animal foundation.
Having a great time in Monaco painting for the Prince Albert of Monaco’s foundation curated by @speerstra_gallery Nice to meet all the talented artist’s and legends like @mad_c1 @dazeworldnyc @remirough @nielsshoemeulman @xaviermagaldi @kashink1 @juliencolombier @mroneteas Going to finnish my piece tomorrow! (And yeah,best thing, I’ve got picked up by helicopter!🤗)#hugeart #monaco #upaw #spraycanart #huge
Going to Monaco tomorrow to paint at the Urban Painting Around the World event!#upaw @speerstra_gallery
Canvas comission. Spraypaint on canvas 200x200 cm.
Tbt to 2017. Another type of balloonstyle. Can you see the reflections of me in front of a window in the balloons? #tbt #huge #hugeone #huge1 #balloonstyle #balloongraff #balloongraffiti #balloonart #spraycanart #stockholm #snösätra
Here’s the video that the FB site My Modern Met has done of my helium paintings! Check out the full video at Youtube:
Hello Monaco!
Wow! You never know when inspiration and creativity hits you! (For me, usually in the shower?!)I had some really bad news yesterday but today I had to take a break and put all my new idea’s popping out of my head on paper. I really feel humled and blessed that I can have my biggest interest as a living! #humble
Fast painting today together with @rymds ! Nice weather, nice company! Thank’s to @emmilou_ @hlstore and @graffitiframjandet !
Work in progress! For #wayupart #vasakronan . Pics by @strangefruit_streetart
My piece for the exhibition KvadrArt @wallerygallery June 13th. Spraypaint on canvas 40x40 cm.
Tbt 2016 Spraypaint on canvas. Huge #1 !
Quick one today with my man @martin_core_nsa !
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