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It's weird I find myself thinking about this dude all the time. . I used to see how invested he got in other people, in fitness and in showing people how they deserved more, and deserved to live healthier longer lives. . How emotionally attached to these people he was. . The reason I think about this guy is because I feel as emotionally attached to helping people as he did. . I know how much better my life is now and when i see people that believe they're helpless, when they're at the drive thru, when they're having trouble walking I want to walk up to them and shake the sh*t out of them. . I want to tell them they need to live! . I want to tell them they are more than this. . I want to smack the cheeseburger out of their hand and kidnap them and take them to the gym. . You have no idea but when I help someone I get emotional...not for me, but for you. . Because I know the journey you're starting, and I know what it takes and how good it feels and what is possible. . This dude was treated like a joke, but has helped more people overcome their issues than any of these so called "gurus" And that's because he actually and genuinely gave a sh*t. . #care #bemore #richardsimmons #weightloss #fatloss #iam1stphorm #heretohelp #personaltrainer #facts #legionofboom #icare
Just because you've been doing something for years, doesn't mean you have cultivated any knowledge or experience. . This applies to every aspect of life, I see it at work and I see it in fitness. . Let's start at work, when I was a rookie, I always thought to myself, and i was told, I need to listen to these guys with "time on" they really know how it's done.....yeah no they don't. Time on counts for vacation picks and patrol assignments...period. . And I can say this now because I am more than half way through, and i don't care if some grumpy hairbag gets mad at me, but I learned real quick to smile and nod at the "time on" crowd but do what I wanted to anyway, because the truth was.... a lot of them didn't know sh*t. 🤷‍♂️ . Sure some guys and gals with "time on" knew things and some even knew a lot, which i learned from, but the same went for people who had no "time on". There was and is no magical "time worked" achievement that gives someone ultimate wisdom and the bottom line is a cop who knows and has been actively doing the job for 4 years is more valuable than someone who has been hiding and doing nothing for 30. . The same goes for fitness. Since I started this I always get the "dude trust me I've been doing this since 2002" guys and the "I was doing this before Instagram made it cool" crowd. . Hey, that's cool and everything, but you mean to tell me you've been in this that long and still look exactly the same as you did 8 years ago?! . Dude....that's a FAIL. . You don't get a medal for going into the gym and doing half assed work for 7 years that you can point to and say, hey look see 7 years bruh, i know the ins and outs of the fitness game. . Stop throwing the "time on" or "time in the game" card if you haven't done sh*t with the time you've spent. . Time only matters if you did something with it. . The rest of wasted. . #timeon #time #experience #knowledge #dosomething #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #thinblueline #facts #truestory #fitcops
3 sets into this exercise I took the belt off, I wanted to quit I had already done. 4 sets of leg extensions. 4 sets of hack squats. 4 sets of deadlifts. 4 sets of single leg leg presses. I was f*cking spent. Until I saw myself in the mirror. And I put that belt back on. One more set. 4 sets total. Then 4 sets of hamstring curls. Then 4 more sets of leg extensions. Then 4 sets of standing calf raises. Then 4 sets of seated calf raises. . 2 hours of leg crushing intensity. You WILL NOT outwork me. . Sometimes that look in the mirror is all you need. . #legday #sundayfunday #eastcoastmecca #dead #deadlifts #exhausted #timetoeat #gymtime #yesiovertrainididntaskyou #fitcops #volume #iam1stphorm #legionofboom
Are you planning next week yet? . It's not #transformationtuesday but it's the end of the week so it means progress photo time. . This is approx 48 days from start until now. The before photos were taken on January 12 2018. . The #transphormation 8 week sprint challenge will be over soon and while I have had some setbacks I'm pretty proud of myself and I can't wait to keep pushing. . Also You can still sign up!! Please do! Push yourself the challenge runs until the end of the year!! . #weightloss #fatloss #imnotplaying #letsgo #beforeandafterweightloss #fat2fit #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #thinblueline #fitcops #100to0
Supplements Are Not Steroids. Supplements do not contain Narcotics. And Good Well Made Quality Supplements DO NOT put banned substances in their products. . PERIOD. . I'm addressing this because this is my most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION. . Not weight loss, not muscle building, not exercise, it's "will I fail a drug test?" . @1stphorm is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility and inspected using SQF level 3 certification which is THE GOLD STANDARD in supplements. (As shown on the label above) . That means no bullsh*t and no funny business. . Secondly, @1stphorm is a product BUILT off of Social Media reviews and reputation. IT WOULD DIE in the snap of your fingers if they put sh*t in their products. . Word would spread like wildfire and the countless police, fire, and military personnel that use these products and represent them would abandon ship, not to mention the lawsuits that would follow and ANY real company knows that, and so does @1stphorm . . @1stphorm is the ONLY supplement brand that I trust. And that is a fact. True Story I ran out of preworkout and I bought a competitor's ready to drink....I looked at it, I wasn't sure and I threw it in the garbage. . Unfortunately people lie, people spread rumors and people who don't know about working out or dieting say things that they shouldn't. . #truestory #hugsnotdrugs #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #thinblueline #supplements #bcaa #weightloss #fatloss #getfit #legionofboom
I got no friends in this momma I don't pretend with this momma I don't joke with this momma I pull the knife out my back and cut they throat with it momma . . #fitcops #drake #nonewfriends #bereal #armday #flexfriday #fat2fit #weightlossjourney #iam1stphorm
Been a rough week thus far, been pretty sick. Have some type of cold combined with a stomach virus. . Got checked and no flu or strep, but I feel like I got kicked in the face. . I've been exhausted and can't sleep that well, and because of such haven't done cardio this week. . Went off my diet one day too. . Hopefully this is over soon so I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming. . #sick #stomachflu #stomachvirus #saveferris #bueller #iam1stphorm #fitcops #stillgrinding #
Shoutout to my first follower, who saw something in me when even I wasn't sure yet. . #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #backday #rowtogrow #legionofboom #fat2fit #thankyou #thankful #iremember #blessed #hardwork
Fat or not, horrible goatee or not this will forever be one of my favorite pictures of me and my daughter. . I hope she keeps her spirit forever and god help whoever breaks it. . #throwbackthursday #tbt #dadlife #horriblegoatee #beweird #daughter #babygirl #princess #iam1stphorm
Above all else Do The Right Thing. . It's more than being a cop, it's more than helping people when people are watching you. . It's more than helping people lose weight or get in shape. . It's about doing what needs to be done when you know it's harder, dirtier, May be uncomfortable or cause you pain or even cause you a loss. . Do the right thing. . Thank you @madebymessina for this awesome shirt. Hawaiian like I like it. . #dotherightthing #beagoodperson #iam1stphorm #queens #dogood #begreat #dosomething #weightlossjourney #fat2fit
Sometimes there ARE excuses....sometimes. . I don't kill it every day, just 99%. . #slaytheday #dadlife #fatherson #lookatthiskid #adorbs #babyboy
(Continued in comments) How many times have you seen this pose today? 6 for myself today already, and guess what, like you, I scrolled past every single one. Because no one believes this sh*t anymore. . I want to tell you about how awesome this product is, or how @1stphorm has amazing products that changed my life....but It's become "The boy who cried wolf". . Social media has become so over saturated with poses like this, some people post things like this 3,4,5 times a day.... a lot of times by people who are getting zero or minimal results. . So tell me, would you believe the product works? Would you believe someone posting 5 times a day about how great something is, or would you call bullsh*t, and lump them into the "it works" or "big booty teatox" category? . Because I'm telling you "It Works" could work, but I will never know, because I, like many people, are tired of seeing the same crap and throw it right into the "bullsh*t" trash bin. . I don't even believe half of you when you post about these products, and I use them and know what you say is true, so why the hell is a stranger going to? . Too many of you out there are way too concerned with getting re-posted, or getting likes from people who are important in the company, or making money, when what you should be concerned about is actually helping people and changing their lives. . You ask the people who I help if I talk supplements off the bat....nope. I talk about diet, exercise and water, then if you can handle that we'll move on to wellness and then maybe we'll move on to Royal XXI or pre and post workout nutrition. . Because the truth is yes, I do make a commission, but i am not going to sell my soul or my Instagram page to get it. . I made this page to change people's lives, not the size of my bank account, and I don't get giddy if someone "cool" likes what i post. . (Continued in comments) #fitcops #truestory #iam1stphorm #toomuch #excessive #honesty #integrity #bereal #beyourself #truth #weightlossjourney #fat2fit #fitnessjourney
I saw a couple people I am influenced by take the leap so I am too. . Hopefully the bugs work themselves out and this is a new contender in the social media game that actually lets us see what we want when we want. . I'm gonna still be here, but I'm moving over to #vero too. . #fuckanalgorithm #changeisgood #newthings #evolution #letsgo #iam1stphorm #getinthegame #fat2fit #makesocialmediagreatagain
The physical changes in aesthetics is only the beginning. . How I feel physically and spiritually can not be captured with a photo. . Imagine for a minute, pushing around an extra 124 pounds every day. . Getting out of bed was painful, moving was annoying, walking up the stairs was a chore. . My joints hurt, my bones hurt, I got headaches, heartburn, gout, the list goes on. . Yes, we all keep track of this with before and after photos, and I'll be the first to admit I am starting to like how I look after so many years of hating it, but it's only a small part of the great things that will happen when you decide to take back control of your life. . Take Control. . You make the decisions, you control what goes in your body, what you do, how you spend your time. . I don't care how many quick fixes people claim they have discovered or how many shortcuts people try to take. . Unless you take control and learn how to manage yourself, how to eat, cultivate discipline, learn self control you will crash and burn. . There is no magical bandaid for your life. . #transformationtuesday #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlosstransformation #selfcontrol #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #discipline #transphormation #fitcops #fat2fit #obese2beast
I mean, anyone else? . Seriously though, unless you're a huge bachelor fan, you probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter. . Most of my tweets are about the bachelor and other random retweets with no pattern of thought. . #oreo #oreos #cheatmeal #cheatday #cookies #fat2fit #fitcops #weightloss #fatloss #askingforafriend #weightlossjourney
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