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Why is this whole look so underrated 🙊🥀❤️ {Mia} #SelenaGomez
she really did THAT with this aesthetically pleasing music video. blessed our eyes 💕🙊 {Mia} #SelenaGomez
a real life doll 👸🏻 {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Y’all were more active about my stories about Nathan & Jonah when i wrote it last year when i had 10K followers and now i have 40K and no one cares. I rewrote cause i thought more of you could read it 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part5: lol i hate to disappoint you but that’s how it all went after months. As i said i was like totally in love with nathan back then and because of him i was depressed and always wanted to see him (i couldnt because i was in new school where jonah was) and stuff but i couldnt so because of nathan i pushed away all of my friends from this school including Jonah. You might think that i was just trying to be hard to get but the truth is i loved someone else and i was hoping to have a chance with that guy someday and relationship with Jonah would ruin it for me. I don’t even know what would’ve happend with Jonah if i wasn’t so cold towards him at last and if i didn’t ignore him completely. Tbh i’m glad we never dated or anything cause he was very emotional from what i saw with being his classmate for a year, he was very aggresive when he got mad even towards his boy classmates, he got hurt by little things and was reacting badly about it, he then showed his true colors and i heard for several times that he was talking about girls as if they were objects and it disgusted me. Also i know me, and even if i didn’t avoid him at that time i know i wouldn’t be the one who’d tell him about my feelings so nothing would’ve happend. He is very immature since this day and i barely see him and i just say “hi” when i see him or talk to him like any other not so close friend of mine, he sees my IG stories and that’s it. I know this story went the way u didnt expect and y’all wanted us to date but tbfh i’m glad i didn’t lol. I know this stories have terrible endings and yeah sucks for me but forgive me for having such an idiotic life lol haha {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part4: Also i remember we were cleaning the class and he was about to walk by and i know he did it as a joke and on purpose but he stopped me with wrapping his one hand around me and jokingly said: “wanna get to know each other, beautiful”? And i was shook and i was watching him so confused cause i couldnt realize what the fuck just happend, he had smirk on his face and i said: “go away” and pretended like my heart rate wasn’t 100 at that moment and that i wasnt literally blushing. I just walked by like i wasnt confused af lmao. One time he had a football match at school and we were all there to support him (not cheerleading lol) and i was near the stadium and i was calling the boys from the other team losers and stuff i was so into the game lmao😂 and Jonah heard it all and he saw that i was literally screaming out of excitement when he scored and he saw how i was excited for this game and for him to win. And the game finished with him scoring the last goal and he won and i was jumping and screaming and stuff and he was about to come out and i didn’t know what to tell him (cause u know we had a weird relationship when we annoyed each other and stuff and sometimes we were friends lol) everyone went up to him and were congratulating him and he just said thanks and i was just standing there like a total idiot, speechless and i went near him and was like: “congratsshgsjk...” and i didnt even finish he came and hugged me and i hugged him back for like the first time lol idk i just needed it. (He only hugged me i was confused af) {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part3: Once my classmate girls were telling Jonah “you should lie to one of our girls in class that you like them and that’s going to be so much fun to see their reaction” (idk how is that funny cause he’d expose someone’s feelings towards him and then he’d hurt them with that stupid joke) but he agreed anyway. I didnt know about this joke but i overheard that one of those girls told him: “You should tell that to Mia” (that girl literally hated me) and i turned around and asked: “tell Mia what?” And Jonah looked at me and told that girl: “No no no way are u crazy? She’ll never believe it” (he knew i heard him saying that) and then i turned around without saying a word. I was actually glad he decided not to tell me that as a joke. I mean he thought of me as the most unavailable and uneasy girl and thought i disliked him or something idk cause we were always teasing each other, but tbh if he told me he liked me my dumbass would’ve believed it so im glad he didnt lol. Also once i remember i met up with my friends after school and we were walking down and saw Jonah and he was going up and i decided to totally ignore him and didn’t even look at him (he was with a friend) and when he saw that i completely ignored him, he was about to walk by me and out of nowhere i felt that someone pulled my hair alittle and i turned around and he was watching me with the smirk on his face and i tried to show that i was annoyed but he was so cute when he acted like a 4 year old i couldnt help but smile 😫 next day i was usually just getting in class, it was a break time and Jonah was near the door and i was about to walk between desks when i felt like someone stopped me with my hair in their hand and pulled me slowly to them and turned me around and ofc it was Jonah and he pulled me towards him and hugged me and it was a simple action but it was so cute im totally talking like a 13 year old girl but whatever lmao. And i ofc still said “let go of me” lol TYPICAL. (Should i go on?) {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part2: So Jonah then started acting really weird. He would randomly hug me and stuff. Once he was hugging all of my classmate girls just randomly - no reason at all. And then he came to me and hugged me and i was like: “what are u doing, let go of me” and pushed him away and that was the first time he hugged me and that was the time he understood i hated hugging lol. After that he’d do that random hugging again and i’d push him away and he was doing it on purpose to annoy me. Also in our school there were some candies and i remember Jonah bought them and he was sitting next to me in class and he shared it with me and we were eating during the lesson and teacher couldn’t see us and we were really careful but were quietly laughing because of our sneakyness (Is that even a word?) I remember i told him that my fave flavor was strawberry and he was giving me that flavor. And days went by and he bought them for several times after and when he was about to share, i didn’t even say a word, he remembered what flavor i liked and he always gave me strawberry flavored since then. Once i was going home early from school, it was a break time and i was waiting for my grandpa to pick me up. i was just standing there when i saw that Jonah bought those candies again but when i asked for some he didnt give them to me and was annoying me. I was like begging him literally but he had his hand up with the candy in it and my smol ass couldnt reach it. So i like gave up and was like “fine i dont want it”. He then came and told me: “i’ll give u one if u hug me” and i was like “NO” (cause he knew i hated hugging) and he was like “then no” and i was like “UGH FINE” and i didn’t even wrap my arms around him lol he did, FYI he hugged me so tightly and i was pretending like i hated it lmaooo sure jan. Then before i left i asked him again “i’m leaving sooo pleaseee one more” and he asked to hug him again and this time i said NO and i meant it. When i went home i took my coat off and the strawberry flavored candy dropped on the floor. He put it in my pocket without me knowing it and i thought it was so sweet of him i was shook lmaoo. (Should i go on?) {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part1: So there was this guy in my old school(where i moved in 8th grade and i was there until 9th grade, then i moved out again). Let’s call him Jonah (not his real name). He was my classmate and when he moved in my class in 9th grade everyone was like drooling over him cause he was handsome and stuff but i didnt see it and was like naah. Every girl was literally throwing theirselves on Jonah and it was kind of annoying and i was playing it cool (i still didnt like him). My boy classmates would joke about how girls were drooling over him and Jonah was shy at first so i would tell my boy classmates “shut up he’s new don’t be rude” and roll my eyes and stuff (daamn i was ruthless lol) and he would hear it and say nothing. Days went and i didnt really get the chance to interact with him and didnt really care. As i said at first i thought he was shy (i fucking thought so lmaoo). One day i was about to stay after school in class to do my homework and he was there with my other boy classmate just the 3 of us. I didn’t really give af about him and was concentrating on my hw even tho he was noisy af. Then he started reading about menstruation from biology book and started laughing and i heard it and got upset and was like “what’s so funny” and he looked at me and with the smirk said: “she got offended bcs it’s about her and her body part” and he knew it made me uncomfortable and awkward so that was the point of him saying it and i rolled my eyes, got up and was about to get out of class and i said: “check the book again, i bet there’s written about you too” (i meant boy problems and his body parts lmaooo i was savage in 9th grade) and went out and he remained shook lmaoo. I was THAT bitch. After the weeks flew i realised that he wasn’t “that bad” lol and kinda liked him but still played it cool. But he was acting realllyyyy weird and was always teasing me. (Should i go on?) {Mia} #SelenaGomez
End of the story. Btw im totally over him cause i have this priority as well that if i dont see guy being interested in me, i tell myself “he doesn’t deserve me, he doesn’t know my value, i deserve better, someone who’ll love me for me”. And i try to move on. I was trying to move on from him for like 2 years and im so relieved rn. If he likes me - oh well, if he doesnt - oh well. And if he loves me, the important thing is to see what is he doing about it. Nothing? Then what am i supposed to do i wont beg for anyone’s attention. Also if u liked the stories about Nathan and if y’all be active i’ll post about some other guy Jonah at night. {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 14: what i haven’t mentioned is, that while doing those things,him acting strange and staring at me and wanting to get my attention and stuff he had many girlfriends but not for long. He’s had many temporary girlfriend and idk if he actually likes them or just wants to have sex with them but anyway. He had one gf when i was a child and back then he didnt do those strange things and ok i get it, he had a thing with that girl’s friend too but they remained as friends and never were a couple, after that he had a thing with the girl he made me jealous with and then after he said that he never actually liked her, he had many temporary relationships for sex, or for idk for what reason. The longest relationship he’s ever been in was 2 years ago with some girl he was with for 7 months, but EVERYTIME i met him when he was with that gf of his, he still stared at me as if his gf wasnt standing next to him and as if i was the only girl he was seeing. Idk if he liked or loved her but they were always fighting, that girl turned out to be a horrible person and did some horrible shit to him so they broke up and that girl is married now with someone else. Im just disappointed because idk what to think. He is so confusing. Everyone knows he’s confident and he himself knows that every girl is ready to throw theirselves at him except me. And that’s the thing he’s confident with everyone but me. He gets real nervous and shy around me. Many people think he liked or loved me but then if he has a strength to ask out other girls and have sex with them why hasnt he ever asked me out? I mean i’d NEVER make the first move, i’d never want him to know about my feelings like other girls tell him that. That’d make me similiar to those girls who lose their diginity and virginity for his attention. If he likes me he’ll like me for me being my real self, the one he’s known since the age of 12. I just dont know what to think. {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 13: so after that, this year, i started going to piano classes and once i was walking omw home after the class and i saw nathan walking on the street towards me (btw we were greeting each other with kissing on the cheek when we were with friends but when only two of us met we just said “hey” and smiled nothing else) so he was about to say “hey” as usual and was expecting me to say just “hi” too. I was at the same time talking to my friend on phone and i pretended like i casually met some person i know as if he didnt mean anything to me, he was about to say “h..” and i went towards him, went up to him and he at first didnt understand what was i doing and then he realized that i was about to greet him with kissing on the cheek (just like how we do it when we’re with our friends) and he said smthng like “oh” and then he greeted me the same way too😂 it was so awkward. He looked so awkward and nervous and he really quickly said after greeting with kissing on the cheek “hey how are u” and i said “im good, u?” And smiled and he said “good”. And then we walked away. Wanna know the strange thing? I met him on the same day (tuesday), on the same time 2:35 PM for 3 weeks straight and i began to think that he was being there on purpose to meet me cause it was too strange to be a coincidence but idk. The last time i saw him was about more than a month ago, it was raining and he was standing right in front of my apartement with his friends and i greeted them all with kissing on the cheek nothing much and i havent seen him since then. But i heard some things about him from my friends and i’ll tell in the next part” {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 12: So my mutual then out of nowhere said “let’s get in pairs, ya know like couples and stuff”. And i knew exactly what she was going to say. She paired everyone up and she ofc said: “and Mia and Nathan together” and i was like “uh what’s gonna happen now” and everyone stood next to each other when she said that and my mutual after told me that when she paired us together she saw he was like blushing out of embarassement. He was standing towards me and i wasnt planning on doing the same thing that everyone was doing with this pairing up cause thought it was bullshit. But he actually came and stood next to me and said out loud: “i think i should be standing here” and i was like “yeah u are 💭 but u dont see it dumbass” and then my mutual said “let’s hold each other’s hands” and i was about to say “no” when he grabbed my hand like very tightly and held it and the first thing i thought was: “is this really happening” lmao. It was the first time we ever touched each other. We were standing there like a couple grabbing each others arms for like 15 minutes talking to our friends it was so awkward my heart was about to explode bcs i was touching him and we held hands but idek how i played it cool without anyone noticing i was literally pissing myself lmaoo. Also i noticed that he stared at me when he was towards me or standing far away from me but when we were holding hands he tried his best not to. He wasnt even looking at me when we were holding hands but whenever i said something and thought no one heard it, he’d reply or laugh about my jokes and i found that so sweet lol. After that day since now we’re greeting each other with kissing on the cheek and i’m greeting his friends too. {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 11: we weren’t saying hi to each other and were pretending like our mutual didnt already introduce us to each other, but in february we met up again and it was special night for me 😊 we didnt have it planned we were going elsewhere with that mutual friend when out of nowhere Nathan and his friends came to say hi to our mutual. And then said hi to us too (finally after months lol). I was talking on the phone so i looked like i couldnt give af about the fact that he was here but i was literally dying (glad he couldnt tell). I went in my other friend’s apartament to meet her and tell her that he was here. My mutual after our meeting told me that when i was in the apartement Nathan was asking: “Who’s Mia? Where is she? Why did she leave?” And was looking for me with standing on his toes (as if i was there) And that he asked about me alot and was curious about me and that made me blush like why was he so interested in me. When i finally got back they were talking about me and he was playing dumb and all of the sudden was pretending like he didnt know who Mia was. And he asked my friend: “are u Mia?” And my mutual knew he played dumb and told him: “no she’s Mia *pointed finger on me* i introduced her to you for like the ninth time and u still dont remember?” On purpose. Ofc he remembered me. He knew me before she even told him my name lmao. And when my mutual told him that he was put in an awkward situation and just said: “ya know memory loss” and i almost started laughing but ignored it. Also he asked me “are u 14” and i was like no u dumbass dont act like u dont know my age. Lol. Then we were talking about random stuff, making jokes about stuff and i think Nathan was the only one paying attention to what i was saying and laughing at my jokes. It was so adorable lol. (Sorry the IG caption limits are making it hard for me to write everything in one part so read 12th too.) {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 10: soo this is how we got officially intoduced to each other - last year in the beginning of the year our mutual friend (girl) called them to meet up with her and we were with her. She did that on purpose cause she knew about how i used to love him and i told her everything about Nathan and me and she told me “i’ll introduce him to u”. After school we were standing in front of school when my crush and his friends came. I was with 4 of my friends. Our mutual introduced them to us and then asked nathan if he knew us and he said “yeah some of them” but didnt say who (he knew my other friends but wasnt friends with them just knew them) and our mutual on purpose asked him: “AND WHAT ABOUT MIA?? DO U KNOW HER?” I was literally fucking blushing. He took a glance of me from the bottom to the top and He said very quietly “no”. I mean technically we knew each other but we werent even greeting each other so no wonder he said no, i would’ve said no too. And our mutual said my name and then told me his name and we both smiled as if we didnt already know that lmaooo it was so fucking awkward and my mutual was like “okay now say hi to each other after this” lmao she was trippin. She was totally shipping us and stuff. So after that we said “hi” but then it’s been months since we saw each other and in winter we werent greeting each other anymore lmao idk why. It was all bcs of barely seeing each other. So the next part is the most interesting so YALL SHOULD READ IT. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part 9: until i begin about how we got officially introduced to each other let’s tell the moments i skipped when telling about 8th grade - so as i said i was in other school that time but i sometimes visited my old school. I remember when i went there his friends would see i was there and would tell him and whole crew was waiting in the hallway pretendng like they were just standing but they were looking at me. I remember how Nathan’s best friend turned him around where i was standing so he could see me and pointed his finger. I also remember the other time i visited my old school when i first walked in the hallway where he was. He was talking to some friend and didnt see me at first but when he saw me he stared at me and wasn’t even listening to his friend he like, totally zoned out for a minute while i was about to walk by him and i heard how his friend told him: “hey bro ur not listening” and turned his head towards him cause he was looking at me😂hahaha. Also my best friend from the other school whom i told everything about Nathan came to my house. We were near my house when we saw Nathan with his 2 friends and when he saw me he still stared at me and zoned out again and his friends noticed and i remembered they started laughing at him for that and i walked by him and i heard he told them: “STOP shh” and my friend saw it too and she was like “he def likes u” and this was the first time she ever saw him lol. The weird thing is that, that friend of mine had a dream that night which she told me about, where appareantly Nathan kidnapped her jokingly with his motorcycle and she was yelling “let me go” and he was saying “Tell Mia that i...” and she couldnt hear what he was telling her about me and then she woke up. That was so weird i mean why did she dream about it what does it mean. {Mia} #SelenaGomez
Part8: let’s start about what happend last year now. Nathan didn’t know that i was in his school again (he wasnt attending classes anymore so he wouldnt know). This was the first time he got to know about it - I was coming out of school with my friends and we were about to go buy food and when we went out of school i literally FROZE. Right in front of me there was Nathan (lmao i forgot to say so many things about 8th grade i’ll def tell ya). I’m not kidding i was literally frozen staring at him and he was staring at me like he was staring in my soul (LITERALLY NO KIDDING) and we were both standing like two idiots staring at each other and i got so embarassed i went in the wrong way (his way) and my friend was like: “where are u going” and i was like BISH STOP EMBARASSING ME and i played it off as if i forget we were going to get food. Now should i write about how our mutual friend OFFICIALLY introduced us to each other as if we didnt know each other since childhood? {Mia} #SelenaGomez
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