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Sometimes when life goes so different than we expect we buckle down and prepare for the worst. As if we anticipate God is going to punish us while we are in pain. While in reality, God is lavishing His presence on His daughter and reminding me that if He did nothing else for me ever again, He would still be enough. • • • • #selfworth #value #notatyrantking #breatheinbreatheout #challenge #awakening #newseason #sorrowturnedintojoy #newreality #hope #prayer #thankful #godsprovision #breatheinbreatheout #challenge #godismostglorifiedinuswhenwearemostsatisfiedinhim #faith #thingsunseen #whoareyouLord #learningaboutwhoHeis #challenge #thankful #learningtohavefun #godismostglorifiedinuswhenwearemostsatisfiedinhim #longesthashtagever #comelordcome #Jesus #christfollower #breatheinbreatheout #breakthroughgeneration
Soooo many thoughts swirling in my mind this week. One being “do what makes you happy”. I’ve heard this and I immediately think it is an unhealthy perspective to have because this “life is not mine it’s God’s. I should do what makes Him happy.” BUT. The Holy Spirit has been showing me that in the things that bring me joy, God is most evident. The more I learn to play guitar, the more I sing, the more I spend time with my dog, the more I intentionally love on people..... God is joyful and glorified. Sometimes we forget that God is so genuinely interested in seeing us live happy lives. It’s not always about change and growth, while those things are amazing. Sometimes, it’s doing what you love. He receives the most glory when you are the most satisfied in Him. I am more satisfied in Him when I have outlets like music. What is your outlet? Are you doing what makes you happy? • • • #whoareyouLord #learningaboutwhoHeis #challenge #thankful #learningtohavefun #godismostglorifiedinuswhenwearemostsatisfiedinhim #longesthashtagever #comelordcome #Jesus #christfollower #breatheinbreatheout #breakthroughgeneration
Nothing to see here.....
Just two long time best friends acting like I’m pregnant (which I’m not) lol! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 • • • #friendship #framily #allisoncastillodesings #photoshootfun #colorpop #thankful #Godisgood #bestfriendgoals #lifeisfunwithyou
Forever committed to making you take your makeup off at night. 🤟🏼 • • • #friendship #framily #allisoncastillodesings #photoshootfun #colorpop #thankful #Godisgood #bestfriendgoals #lifeisfunwithyou
When I thought I lost me You knew where I left me You reintroduced me to Your love You picked up all my pieces Put me back together You are the defender of my heart. - Defender Rita R Springer (Upperroom version) • • • Photography: @danformsma • • #brokenheart #mendedbyGod #grace #mercy #thesharedstory #somebodyneedstohearthis #maybeitsme #praisebreak #identity
NEWSFLASH the most secure and confident teenager you ever met would have an identity crisis rounding the corner of her 21st year. For so many years, I had this idea in my head that if I set as many expectations over myself that each time I unlocked a new “achievement” in myself, God would love me more. So I pushed and pushed and pushed my expectations so high of myself that I started to ONLY fail. Do you relate at all to how disheartening it is to fail God and feel like His love is decreasing with every failure? People would say “don’t be so hard on yourself” and “he love you as your are”. My response would always be the “I know he loves me this way but he doesn’t want me to stay this way.” #nottrue There are moments when God just wants us to “dance in our nightgowns”, failures showing as to give Him the opportunity to make it so evident that He loves us in-spite and because of our failure. Most of the time, it is our failures that bring us back to His feet. So here I am, at 21, re-identifying what grace and mercy means, and it’s blowing my mind. • • • If you feel the expectations you placed on yourself makes it impossible for you to do enough good so God will love you, message me. I have some scripture for you. • • • #brokenheart #mendedbyGod #grace #mercy #thesharedstory #somebodyneedstohearthis #maybeitsme #praisebreak #identity
💬 Long Post Ahead 💬 I have been on a journey the last few months. One that has taken me miles from my comfort and then thrown me down In front of the King’s feet once again. I was angry at God that he hadn’t given me something I felt I had been praying for for many years. With each new hurt and disappointment I had a reason to hate Him more. Sometimes, ministry is more lonely than we recognize. As we are challenged to grow, the people we feel most attached to may be the ones we are required to let go of. Other times, it’s just the gut wrenching sanctification process where you have to put Jesus first again. That’s where I am right now. He rescued me but that’s not the end of my story. Now is when I fight. Now is when I get down in the trenches with the enemy and I take warfare to a whole new level. What do I gain from this battle? More like what don’t I? I gain raw authenticity. I gain the voice of the Lord. I gain clarity into the person I am created to be. I knew 2019 would be a year of unleashed creativity and Jesus has confirmed that out of the mouths of 4 other strangers. What? Yes, I know without a shadow of doubt that this is a year of breakthrough, new realizations, new ministry, and new ways of genuinely knowing God. Thank you to this who have opened their hearts back to me after I turned my face away from the Kingdom. To those who didn’t know I was struggling. Please let that bring an awareness of the road each person walks and how crucial prayer is when we can’t rescue. I’m home Jesus. I’m writing you a love song for next 352 days of this year. • • • #authenticlove #jesus #ccfw #somebodyneedstohearthis #maybeitsme #beautifullybroken #kingdomheart #findingHim #stretchingbeyondcomfort