The afro Headed Dancer

Your neighborhood hope dealer 🌞 newly #AlkalineVegan

Next 8 months 🦋 excuse the Hiatus
London you are a place that always adds to my peace. #assistantchoreographer #SoIncrediblyThankful
Love being featured in @empeccablemag thank you @beautifulgirlcosmetics ❤️
Hi my name is Khadijah I love sunlight & long car trips I cant pronounce the word “accept” And I have a tiny obsession with puppies.
And I’m tackling this week like 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
Now Alexa replay the last 2 days and keep it on repeat
There’s is nothing like a daughters love for her father. This thanksgiving my heart is so full from all the love from family, friends, and even Instagram friends! I am so thankful for everything I forget to say I am thankful for. I truly hope everyone had a full and loving thanksgiving ❤️
Solitude is a deep romance with self 🌱
🌞🌻plant kisses on her heart and watch flowers grow- r.h. Sin
Conversations between sisters 😂😂 it was windy out in that desert, the wind played me 😩😩
When life gets a little much it’s the perfect time to kick your self love and self care into high gear. Things that make me happiest in low points : sunlight, gym, reading, school, dancing and health tidbits. Make sure you know how to pick your own self up because now a days EVERYBODY is going through something. Become more independent so even when you need someone your not dumping on them the demons you can’t handle but opening up and sharing a piece of you that you’ve overcome.... because you will beat it 💪🏽
Hey hey!!! Good morning 🌞🌞🌞 Braided by @mscrysj ❤️❤️❤️
I have a love for this that just won’t let me leave. I leave come back leave come back get mad quit (for like a day) and go to the studio that night. Dance I remember the day we met and I will forever be proud to have you as my love and I thank you for never letting me quit #ciara #csquad #sweetsensations #brunomars #24kmagicworldtour #xceltalent
❤️ pussycat dolls ❤️
Coming to the end of my AMAs postings. I just have to say.... growing up, there were 3 women in entertainment that caught my eye and got me dancing. Aahliyah, Beyoncé, and Ciara. I still say in rehearsal “yo, I can’t believe I’m here” simply because if you know me I dance kinda soft like a kitten and it’s actually out of insecurity that I look weird dancing super full out because I’m so long. This area of my life has came through and shown me that SO WHAT IF I DO. We are the only people holding ourselves back and I’ve been learning a lot through this encounter with performing with @ciara I don’t like to call it a job bc honestly.... I don’t see it as that. Everybody..... live, do what you want and don’t care who’s looking because it’s funner that way! This smile is my #testimony 🌞
Sliding back into school as smooth as I slid up on Ciara’s side in this beginning transition #ciara #csquad #amas still in shock
I’m sorry I don’t mean to flood the timeline but mannn a lot of hard work went into this performance and I’m just really really proud and wanting to share the experience !!!!!! We did it! I tried to really work on my in between moments for this performance. And keeping that energy uppppp. Always trying to work on something #ciara #amas #ama #csquad
When ya celebrity crush walk by at the AMAs 😂 #ama #amas
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