The afro Headed Dancer

Your neighborhood hope dealer 🌞 newly #AlkalineVegan

When you jammin and find a new beat in the song on accident ayeeee
Bet 🌻
So this happened today pushing myself to freestyle 🙄 I’m all good!!! just scared me for a sec
So I mad this suit today from an xtra large church cut suit. Pretty proud. Just thought I’d share 🌻
❤️ pussycat dolls ❤️
Coming to the end of my AMAs postings. I just have to say.... growing up, there were 3 women in entertainment that caught my eye and got me dancing. Aahliyah, Beyoncé, and Ciara. I still say in rehearsal “yo, I can’t believe I’m here” simply because if you know me I dance kinda soft like a kitten and it’s actually out of insecurity that I look weird dancing super full out because I’m so long. This area of my life has came through and shown me that SO WHAT IF I DO. We are the only people holding ourselves back and I’ve been learning a lot through this encounter with performing with @ciara I don’t like to call it a job bc honestly.... I don’t see it as that. Everybody..... live, do what you want and don’t care who’s looking because it’s funner that way! This smile is my #testimony 🌞
Sliding back into school as smooth as I slid up on Ciara’s side in this beginning transition #ciara #csquad #amas still in shock
I’m sorry I don’t mean to flood the timeline but mannn a lot of hard work went into this performance and I’m just really really proud and wanting to share the experience !!!!!! We did it! I tried to really work on my in between moments for this performance. And keeping that energy uppppp. Always trying to work on something #ciara #amas #ama #csquad
So this just happened!!!!!!! Performing at the AMAS with @ciara was..... I mean I don’t have words. The flooding is about to begin 🌞 #ciara #csquad #ama #amas thank you @xceltalent @jamaicacraft @hihatofficial Can I repeat that I was in the room with @hihatofficial I mean god hears all prayers no matter how far fetch #ciara #amas #ama #csquad
When ya celebrity crush walk by at the AMAs 😂 #ama #amas
Shmood waking up this morning. This one of my favorite memories from japan!! #jsglobal #jsoulbrothers
One of my favorite parts of the show to jam with @ciara it’s that groove switch up 🌻The whole crowd be jamming! Hey @tashab1 girl #ciara #24kmagicworldtour #csquad #brunomars
Let’s dance 💃🏽 her energy pulls me through #ciara #csquad #sweetsensations #24kmagicworldtour #brunomars #levelupchallenge #newjersey
To my family. We have come a long way. We each bring something so unique to the stage each night and still find something new we can work on each performance. I’ve loved the journey so far with each and every single one of you 🌻 also thank you @saidahnairobi and @dancer_boysmith for pushing us in rehearsal and giving us the knowledge we need to embody the performers we need to be for this experience . Thank you @jamaicacraft for seeing something in me that I definitely didn’t see but am working and fighting for each night. @ciara your are a blessing and a beautiful humble talented soul. And my lovely agent @xceltalent i am beyond thankful for you 🌻Let’s keep this going!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #ciara #24kmagicworldtour #csquad #sweetsensations #brunomars #boston #tdgarden #levelupchallenge #levelup
I just want to say thank you @iamgia for the tour gift. This one piece is comfy, cute and perfect for sound check and lounging after the show #ciara #24kmagicworldtour #csquad #brunomars #sweetSensations
I go through so many phases and I can honestly say it’s made me wiser. From the rights and the wrongs. But at the end of the day..... I’ve come to love not only the person I’ve become but the journey that has brought me to the woman I am today
Shmood today 😇🌝
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