Makeup Artist. Feminist. Girlfriend. Animal Mom. Harry Potter Obsessed. Tattooed. Lyra Trainee. Addled Muse. Fabulous.

Childish Gambino with my favorite people.
Urban Witch #mua #makeupartist
I sure do love this woman #dragoncon2018
Bubby has been such a magical addition to my life. I love my little boy. #nationaldogday #clapton
This weather has got me like 🌞
Before. During. After. #robzombie #zombiebabies @sammiefy
Rob Zombie and Manson with this band of misfits.
Holding it together with a bobby-pin and piece of scotch tape.
Thank you everyone for all the birthday love!! I’m spending my day in my favorite place on earth. Thank you @newyorksaint for this wonderful trip. Cheers to my 26th trip around the sun 🥂
Our assignment in class today was to conceptualize a runway show and create a full face look around it. My show was “Witches do it better” Dark and moody glam is my make up aesthetic apparently. Imma run with it 🏃🏻‍♀️
Wearing a 80’s style sparkly jumpsuit at 8 am on a Saturday. Serving you looks. Living my best life. ✨
I’ll walk with you through anything. Even if the bottom of my jeans get wet. #17 #listofworstthingsintheworld
3 days, no sleep, vomit on the couch floors and blankets, 2 vet visits, 3 meds, snot filled tissues, and tears. Clapton is finally eating (out of my hand only), and licking ice cubes (out of my hand only). @newyorksaint and I have been so worried about our boy. We’re so happy he’s finally turned the corner. We look horrible and are cranky but so freaking happy.
Boyfriend appreciation post. This man right here is the most loving and caring person. He will drop everything and run if you his help. He’s taught me how to truly love myself through his unwavering support and encouragement. We might hit rough patches sometimes, but we always work through them as a team. I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives making memories, taking on hardships, and continuing to grow in our love for each other. I love you so much shithead. @newyorksaint
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