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A natural reaction to finding out #wicked is being adapted into a movie is to do a look inspired by #Elphaba at 7 am right? #mua #motd #storybookcosmetics #katvondbeauty
Knight of Cups 🔮
Done. Been working on these since December. 1.Cruella de Vil 2.Avatar Inspired that Glow in the Dark 3.Jack Skellington 4.Revamped Maleficent 5.Ursula (Same as last year but I remade the tentacles and made them much smaller) #disneyears #diymouseears #idonteverwanttodothisagain
Happy birthday @sammiefy I love you sooooo much!
Smirks & Sadness
Saturday’s are for sharp wings and side eyeing.
Repost because @eric__guneysu deserved to be in both photos. THE "HOW HARD DID AGING HIT YOU" CHALLENGE 🙌 upload your ‘first’ ever profile pic and your most recent profile right next to it 👇How much have you changed? 2012 (19 y.o.) - 2018 (26 y.o.) I love you forever and ever big brother. In 7 years we added scars and bruises, quite a bit of ink, and thousands of miles between us but not a damn thing has changed. You’re my number one and I’ll always be your OG. #illseeyousoon #comehome #eventhoughyoupushedmedownthestairs
I’m so happy to be able to spend this weekend with my brother @eric__guneysu before he leaves to serve our country. This time together was filled with lots laughs and way too many shots. I will miss you so much but I’ll see you when you get home brudder. #comehome
The rogue wave and the hurricane are a lethal combination. #worthit Edit by @marissac242
I love you so much.
Sister bonding. @marissac242
Obligatory Infinity Mirrors photo #infinitymirrors
Good lighting and dramatic wings.
Totally casual look for a night in watching cupcake wars. #motd
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