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Harry Potter don’t know what’s about to hit him. @idion_ @nicolettejcarsillo @newyorksaint
Big hair and blue eyes.
#flashback to the day @badmisses2u made me blonde for a few hours.
Pretty proud of how this turned out. I Cut and sewed the black fabric to the jacket, glued and laid every sequin by hand (with tweezers), hand painted and sequined a gold top hat (not pictured), and hand painted the shorts. In addition to studding, painting, and adding fabric to a leather jacket for Justin’s Eddie costume. Had fun but next year I’m buying a god damn costume. #handmade #rockyhorrorpictureshow #columbia #halloweencostume #craft #homemadehalloweencostume #timewarp #itsjustajumptotheleft
Love my new hair so much I showed my teeth in a picture. Thank you @badmisses2u I feel like a beautiful smurf.
*long post* My parents bought this handmade coffee table while we were in Egypt 25ish years ago. My Mother made sure it came with her every single move she made (she moved often and sold/abandoned her things so the fact that I have it is astounding) About 7 years ago she gave it to me, and it sat in my dad garage until @newyorksaint and I moved into our house a year ago. I have never seen in any other state other than the first picture. I didn’t even know what the details on it were until tonight. I accidentally left a lid to a yogurt on it this morning and went to wipe it off to see that the tarnish was gone. Googled it and found out how to remove the grime. It’s going to take a few passes but I’m shocked with the outcome. Moral of the story: I’m tearful, sentimental, and happy Also I’m completely out of yogurt now.
I have allergies and a swollen face but bubby can always make me smile.
Puppy eye master.
Happiest of birthdays to this amazing woman. @alex.andra.marie you are a compassionate and inspiring person. I’m so very very lucky to call you my friend. #ahsnek #upat5amwatchingtheweather #didyougetyourticket #justgottaneh #softballtohardtalks #mountaintownsandislands
Today is the last day to get presale tickets for @addledmuse second performance of Astral Cosmica. If you’re in the North Carolina area you should come out! Tickets available at addledmuse.com
Childish Gambino with my favorite people.
Urban Witch #mua #makeupartist
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