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Amazing art by @lenkachi !! I requested this drawing after winning their 1000 giveaway on my edit acc @stanningeditz ! 😍❀️ . . Please go follow @lenkachi their art and acc is absolutely mind blowing! ... Also go follow my other acc if you haven't already @stanningeditz πŸ’œ . . . . . . .. Tags πŸ’–| #tomhollandart #tomhollanddrawing #tomhollandspiderman #spiderman #tomhollandphotography #tomhollandposts #tomhollandphotos #tomhollandinterview #tomhollandspidermanhomecoming #tomhollandpicture #tomhollanfanpage #tomholland2013 #tomhollandsmile #spidermanhomecoming #art #amazingart #explorepage #😍 #smile #realisticdrawing #love // @tomholland2013 ❀️
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 24 Read other parts first ⬇️ #hollandsunshinefanfic πŸ’› ....................... You woke up Saturday morning in your bed someone knocked on the door. "Come in" you said. The door opened revealing Peter with a tray of food and a glass of water. Y/n: Awwe, for me? Peter: Yeah *chuckles* He comes to your bed and sets the tray down on your lap. Y/n: Thanks Peter! Peter: No problem. Y/n: *you start to eat your food* Did you eat already? Peter: Yeah, I woke up earlier and ate. Y/n: What time is it? Peter: Like 12. Y/n: Pm!? Peter: Yeah... Y/n: Omg, I never sleep that long Peter: You were pretty dead last night, once you laid in bed you pretty much fell asleep you. Y/n: Yeah. Wait, what happened? Peter: We went to Ned's Halloween party, you drank a bit to much I guess, got drunk. I called your mom to pick us up. I laid you in bed and you asked me to stay so I stayed, I slept on the matress. *pointing to the matress* Y/n: Oh. That sounds like fun. Haha. Peter didn't say anything, you kept eating your food. Peter: Do you have work tonight? Y/n: No, I do on Sunday though, which is tmr. Peter: Oh ok. Y/n: Why? Peter: I was thinking we could actually go to the restaurant this time, third times the charm? Y/n: Ok, I'd like that. *smiling* There's silence as you eat the rest of your food. Then you break the silence. Y/n: Thanks Peter. Peter: For what? Y/n: for being here. For helping me last night, for staying. Peter: It's not that big of a deal. Y/n: It's sweet. *looking at him smiling* Peter: *smiles* so..what did you want to do? Y/n: Hmm, we could go to the movie theatre or go shopping? Peter: How about both? Y/n: Sounds good to me. You get changed, tell your mom and leave with Peter, you walk to the bus stop. While you're waiting you look up at him. Peter: What? *chuckles* Y/n: Nothing, I just, Idk. *giggles* Peter: Y/n..I need to.. He gets caught off by the bus arriving and stopping in front of you two, you get on and sit together. You get a call from Abby and you pick up. Y/n: Hey Abby, what's up? Abby: Hey Y/n, did you want to hangout today? ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 23 Don't miss the other parts➑️#hollandsunshinefanfic πŸ’› ................. After your first two classes it was lunch, you walked to the library where everyone was sitting by the table, Michelle at the head of the table. You sat down. Michelle: Hey guys, so the academic decathalon is coming up kind of soon. We should start working harder. Instead of just having a meeting every Tuesday at lunch we'll have it Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! Flash raises his hand. Michelle: Yes Flash? Flash: This Friday is Halloween. Michelle: I realize, we'll start the new schedule next week, so in November. Y/n: Ok. Flash: Sounds good. Teacher whispers: You're doing great Michelle. Michelle: Thanks. Peter: When's the decathalon this year? Michelle: November 24th. Ned: Woah, that's soon. Peter: Ok. Michelle: Yeah, I know it's coming up pretty fast, but we're pretty much ready and with the extra meetings and practices in the gym we'll be fine. The bell rings and everyone gets to class. You walk with Michelle until you get to your class. After school Peter catches you before you go on the bus. Y/n: Oh, hey Peter. Peter: Hey Y/n, I know I asked you this morning but are you sure your not mad at me? Y/n: You mean about you not showing up last night? Peter: Ye-yeah *disappointed tone* about that.. Y/n: It's okay, like I said I'm not mad Peter. You were busy I understand! Peter smiles Peter: So.. Y/n: so..? Peter: Want to do it tonight instead? Y/n: sure! Same restaurant? Peter: Yeah. Y/n: Ok! Sounds good. Peter: Ok I'll pick you up at 5:30. Y/n: K. Bye Peter. Peter: See you later, love you. Y/n: Love you too. You get on the bus. Ned: Hey, what were you guys talking about? Y/n: Peter and I are going to that new fancy restaurant tonight. Ned: ahh, nice! You two will have such a good time! Save me some leftovers. Y/n: Haha. I will! You were dressed and waited until 5:30 expecting him to be at your doorstep. But he didn't show, again. You were disappointed because you were hoping he'd actually show up this time. It was 6:15 so you texted him... ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
Peter Parker fanfic part 22 Read➑️#hollandsunshinefanfic πŸ’› ............... After the day was over you took a shower and did your nightly routine. You watched Netflix until you fell asleep. The next day.. (Monday morning at school) After chemistry class you saw Abby in the hallways. Y/n: Hey Abby! Abby: Hey y/n, how was the trip to Paris? Y/n: Amazing, I had so so much fun! Abby: That's great you should've taken me. Haha Y/n: I'm sorry. What class do you have next? Abby: Psychology Y/n: Oh, cool! Abby: you? Y/n: English. Abby: Nice, have fun with that! Y/n: Thanks, you too! See ya! Abby: Ttyl. *smiles and walks to her locker* You walk to your locker and see Peter waiting by it. Peter: Hey Y/n! Y/n: Hey Peter! Ready for to hand in the English story? Peter: No, are you kidding me. Michelle: hey guys. I'm so excited to hand in my English! Hbu? You laugh. Y/n: I am! Idk about Peter tho. Peter looks at you then at Michelle with an unsure face. Michelle: I bet you your story is fine. Peter: Do you want to read it? Michelle: Sure! Peter hands Michelle his laptop with the story document open, you go by Michelle and read it quickly. Michelle chuckles, you nudge her. Y/n: It's cute Peter! Peter: Michelle laughed! Michelle: No, no I didn't. *trying not to laugh again* Peter sighs. Y/n: Peter it's not that bad, trust me! Peter: Ok, well at least I hope it's a good enough story to at least get decent grade. Michelle: Idk about that... Peter: Ugh *grabs the laptop, kisses you on the cheek and leaves* see you two in class. Y/n: That wasn't that nice *making a face to Michelle* Michelle: I know, I didn't mean to be rude I'm just an honest person. Y/n: I know. Michelle: So how is your relationship? You're putting things in your locker and taking out your laptop for English. Y/n: Good. Michelle: Oh, ok. That's great. Y/n: Michelle. You sure your ok with us dating? You look at her with a serious concerned face. Michelle: yeah, are you kidding me, you two are So cute together! Y/n: *faint smile* ok. The bell rings and you both get to class. ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
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