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#lichking snow globe. Inspired by @zachfischerart and printer in @esun3dfilament pla+ and their general use clear sla resin.
Lich King snow globe test print. The base is @esun3dfilament pla+ based off a design by @zachfischerart the plastic globe is from a diy snow globe kit but Im going to try printing a globe out of esuns clear resin.
Had fun with @zachfischerart at #blizzard today had a blast talking deathknight shop over lunch including our @projectebonblade. Thanks for having us @ksparkuhl
I give you oden also known as @bjornsworkshop he needs a couple crows and to lose an eye. #cosplay #LichKing also #666 post creeeppyyyy
The Hearthstone innkeeper was asking how I keep my shoes so shiny.
Streaming on twitch @hokuprops making wyrmsbane Bolvars Corrupted blade
Thanks to @nox.noctem for snagging this super cool shot of Lord crispy #LichKing #Bolvar in front of the @corsair booth at #blizzcon
Thanks to @gilphotography for turning me into the keyart that blizzard should use for their next expansion. This weekend was crazy and #blizzcon remains one of my favorite cons. The costumes this year for our @projectebonblade we're insanely amazing and as the true Lord crispy Lich king #bolvar I feel proud to call everyone that took part in this grand project my champions. Tremendous thanks to all those that helped, especially to @kurokamiprops @kmnprops @bjornsworkshop @shepherdofmen @woodwarder_ @zachfischerart @hello.dw @autoaircolors for their amazing paint @badgerairbrush for their amazing airbrushes @tntcosplaysupply for their amazing foam and @esun3dfilament for sponsoring the build with the best filament on the market. Finally and especially my @sammyhime for keeping me strong and glueing the pieces back on as they fell off my body brain and soul.
I almost had to stop and grab some of that #streetmeat since it smelled so good but I knew even the Lich Kings bowels couldn't fight off the death and despair associated with those sloppy bacon wrapped bacteria weiners that sit outside all day uncooked. @twitchcon #twitchcon2018 #projectebonblade
Behold the Lich Queen @sammyhime @projectebonblade @twitchcon #blizzcon @zachfischerart helmet is printed in @esun3dfilament and painted with @autoaircolors
I've poured all my effort into the Lich King Bolvar costume for @projectebonblade and am so happy with the final results. Judging the @twitchcon cosplay contest was a blast and I felt great wearing this costume. The costume was all modelled and sculpted in @zbrushatpixologic and it was all livestreamed on @twitch . The armor is all printed in @esun3dfilament abs+ and pla+ which is the most stable, best filament I've ever used. the electronics were all @adafruit products which I love because they make it so easy. I used @tntcosplaysupply Plastazote for the light diffusion. I couldn't have done this without the help of @kmnprops @sammyhime @kurokamiprops and several others. The design is by @zachfischerart
I have been privileged enough to compete the first year and judge the @Twitchcon Cosplay Contest two years in a row now. Each year I saw so much passion and creativity from the finalists and this year really was just as an incredible. This year something pretty cool happened tho, after choosing the category winner it was time to pick the grand prize winner. As someone that specializes in hard surface props and armor the realization that my top choice was a small petite elegant needlework costume by @caseyreneecosplay gave me absolute warm and fuzziest and a big grin. After talking it out with the other judges and agreeing I had the biggest smile on my face. I look forward to seeing next year's competition because each year just gets better and better!
Lich King armor is pretty much done. All that is left is a few straps to dye. All the armor is printed in @esun3dfilament pla+ painted with @autoaircolors paints for @projectebonblade designed by @zachfischerart. Sewing by @sammyhime and electronics by @kmnprops and @kurokamiprops. Thanks everyone for hanging out in the streams for this long build. I look forward to seeing everyone at @twitchcon this weekend for the cosplay contest on Saturday!
First fit test for chest and lower body of lich King Bolvar for @projectebonblade . Printed in @esun3dfilament pla+ and painted with @autoaircolors looking forward to @twitchcon on this weekend then BlizzCon next weekend.
Almost Finished Helm of domination for Lich King Bolvar @projectebonblade painted with @autoaircolors quicksilver chrome and printed in @esun3dfilament pla+ looking forward to @twitchcon cosplay contest this weekend
About to go @autoaircolors quicksilver chrome :) on the helmet of domination for Lich King Bolvar from @projectebonblade printed with @esun3dfilament pla+.
Bolvar The Lich King chest fitting that good so far! Printed in @esun3dfilament pla+, for @projectebonblade , design by @zachfischerart
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