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Time to stand out! A draped snake-print dress is a safe bet to make head turns whether you’re at the office or in the club. Read the full story on #HMMagazine Dress: 0738401001
You'll find at least one new blue favourite, rest AZURE. #HM Denim boiler suit: 0715071001 T-shirt: 0629420001 Two pairs of clip earrings: 0732808001 Snakeskin-patterned boots: 0696952001
Blue on blue on blue on blue… How many blu emojis can you find in the emoji style section? 👖💙 #HM Fine-knit jumper: 0693242006 Flared dungarees: 0715082003 Two pairs of clip earrings: 0732808001 Denim shirt: 0720907003 Denim culottes High waist: 0723104003 Scarf/hairband: 0500435040 2 pairs earrings: 0732696001
When that box of avant-garde looking mini patisseries actually are très-chic earrings. 🍬 #HM 4 pairs earrings: 0760339001 Marble tray: 0641949001
Explore our new denim selection — just as blue as a cloud-free spring sky. #HM Short denim jacket: 0721365001 V-neck satin top: 0712216004 Pleated skirt: 0639838015 Two pairs of clip earrings: 0732808001
Heart to Heart: The Mother & Daughter |”I've always wanted many children, but I have just one, Olivia. I know now it was meant to be her and only her.” Read the full interview with Suzanne and Olivia on #HMMagazine Denim jacket: 0484205016 Jeans: 0734943003 Jeans: 0670698004 Top: 0742570001
Say it with accessories. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! #HM Lip gloss set: 0628662001 Nail polish: 0286829002 Eye shadow: 0287468021 Fan brush: 0630307001 Large tray: 0677366003 Heart-shaped shoulder bag: 0714084001
Heart to Heart: The Husband & Wife | ”We met in 1963, when we were 11 and 10 years old and have belonged together ever since.” Read the full interview with Erik and Ann on #HMMagazine Shirt: 0695326001 Shirt: 0720907003
Happy Valentine's Day! Which '90s film does this outfit remind you of? 📼 #HM Heart-shaped shoulder bag: 0714084001 Captain’s cap: 0612170001 Short denim jacket: 0707777003 Boat-necked jersey top: 0682670003 Short dress: 0738368001
Heart to Heart: The Brother & Sister | ”Somehow, it’s always been her and me. We’ve always told each other everything.” Read the full interview with Felix and Milla on #HMMagazine Denim jacket: 0484205009 T-shirt: 0569984002
A dandelion-coloured top with white wide culottes and easy-going heels — we call this look February Fresh. 🌼 #HM Shoes: 0742315001 Jeans: 0752293001 Scarfs: 0616049008 Jumper: 0711431007
Snake prints and denim: it's a modern day love story. 💙 🐍  #HM Denim jacket: 0399061008 Mini Flare High Jeans: 0714807004 Snakeskin-patterned boots: 0696952001
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