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If you had one place to live the rest of your life : Where would it be ? •
Have a lovely weekend guys •
If I have to choose I’m thing to eat all my life : it would be Pepperoni Pizza🍕 for sure ! (Kinda basic bitch I know) - What would be yours ?! •
Where should I go next ? •
Take me back ! •
How was your Monday guys ? 🤙🏻or🖕🏻? •
Bulking during my holidays was something I had to do to succeed on what I’m looking for : STRENGTH - esthetic is a bonus duh - I’m not here to bullshit you with the perfect angle mixed with a skinny ass body just to please the camera. What is your thought on that : STRENGTH or ESTHETIC ? •
You’re kinda SWEET or SALTY ? •
Best place to brunch at Hvar ! •
Bon Appétit •
Trying new things everyday : what’s your favorite song right now ? Share it with me on the comment section below and I’ll react on it in my stories ! •
Sunday Vibes •
Getting all my Croatia’s trip pictures edited : can’t wait to show you the end result ! But for now check out this shot from my last trip to Porto •
Can’t see the end •
Dark Side •
Game of Thrones’ City •
How was your weekend guys ?! @antoine_sanna
First time I share with you guys a picture taken with a smartphone ... is it weird ? It was to showcase that wonderful @arnypraht fanny pack ! •
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