Higgy Bears

🐻 Scoliosis patient and advocate! 🐻 Making scoliosis more “bear-able” one Higgy Bear at a time! Read the inspirational story behind Higgy Bears here:

Another adorable Higgy 🐘 recipient! #scoliosis
❤️If you agree! #scoliosis
Did you know we make braces for #americangirldolls ? Get yours custom made at higgybears.com! #scoliosis
Post below if you have a Higgy Bear! 🐻#scoliosis
The latest Custom Higgy Bear! 🐻 Get yours at higgybears.com!
Busy day!!
The PERFECT gift for your scoliosis patient! A matching mini brace or cast! Higgybears.com to order!!
52 days until 🎄Get the perfect 🎁 at higgybears.com! #scoliosis
Kristen Reese loves her doll’s new brace! It was a Christmas present, but mom couldn’t wait!!!🎄 #scoliosis
Brace buddies #scoliosis
I’m so lucky to be able to make Higgy Bears for scoliosis patients all over the world. Thanks everyone for all of your support over the years!! #scoliosis
Thanks so much for sharing, Tori! 🐮 Be sure to check out her blog! myspinesjustfine.com. Repost @myspinesjustfine ・・・ Thank You @higgybears for my awesome Higgy Cow I love it so much! Read all about how this little stuffed animal was one of the reasons my first year with scoliosis was “Bear- Able” by clicking on the blog button on my website and reading my latest post!!! www.myspinesjustfine.com #myspinesjustfine #higgybears #scoliosis #scoliosisanniversary
Adorable!!! ❤️❤️
Thank you so much for the beautiful Higgy Bear art work, Hayley! I love it so much!!! ❤️❤️@hayleywalker14
Love this quote! ❤️
Beautiful drawing by @rileys__art
Friendship ❤️
Introducing the Curvy Girls of North Carolina! Learn more at curvygirsscoliosis.com!
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