Higgy Bears

🐻 Scoliosis patient and advocate! 🐻 Making scoliosis more “bear-able” one Higgy Bear at a time! https://bit.ly/2ChMFfA

Due to yesterday’s overwhelming response to help.. I’m starting a new project in hopes of connecting more families. The goal will be to video chat, text, or email with someone going through the same thing that you are. I’m looking for volunteers to offer support, and for patients and parents that need support. Please message me your email or email me at support@higgybears.com if you are interested in joining!
Interesting in helping others? Need support? I’m starting a new project to connect patients and parents together, so no one will have to go through this alone. The goal will be to have a friend going through the same thing you are to either video chat, text, or email with. Open to all ages and treatments! To sign up, please message me your email address or send an email directly to support@higgybears.com. I will contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!
There is a 10 year old little girl who is in need of support. She wears a brace, and is very down about it. Would anyone’s daughter who wears a brace and around the same age be interested in video chatting with her? Post below or message me and I’ll connect you with her mom. Thanks! ❤️
Want to help other scoliosis patients? Volunteers are needed to write letters to scoliosis patients and parents! I’m collecting letters to send to scoliosis families all over the world! I need letters written from both patients and parents. Interested in helping? Message me and I’ll send over the instructions!
Great shirt! Better cause! 50% of the proceeds will be used to donate Higgy Bears to Children’s Hospitals and the other 50% will benefit the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program! Get yours today!!! Link in profile!
Aubrey loves her doll brace!! ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing, Elizabeth!!
Paisley loves her Higgy Elephant! ❤️How cute is she? ❤️
Nolan loves his Higgy Bear! ❤️🐻Thanks for sharing, Brittney!
“Libby Anne got her "brace horse" for Christmas. She LOVED it and said it is truly the best present ever. Thank you so very much for all that you do. You are making a difference for so many children with scoliosis.” So happy you love it Libby Anne!
“She was so excited!!!! Piper even shed some tears opening this heartfelt gift on Christmas Day. ‘My dolls are special like me mom! I’m so happy right now!’ 💕Thank you for all that you do! 🙌🏼” Thank you so much for sharing, Kristen! I’m so happy that Piper likes the braces! ❤️❤️
“Macy LOVES her Higgy Kitty. She has been so ashamed and embarrassed about her brace, and this really helped her. I’m so thankful!” -Laura, Mom
“What an amazing Christmas present. I was in tears when I opened it this morning. Very close to my heart this will stay!” ❤️- Elicia from the UK!
“It means everything to her. She’s not alone” -Mom. Genevieve and her Higgy Dog! 🐶 If your child got a Higgy Bear for Christmas, please send in pics! I’d love to see them! 🎄Merry Christmas, everyone!!🎄
Hi everyone! I’m starting a new project that I need your help with! I am creating a little journal with letters from patients to send out with my Bears. I’m looking for inspirational letters written from one braced patient to another. A picture would be an added bonus! Also the same for surgery patients. Parents, I would love to include letters for other parents, as well! (From the parent’s perspective). We know it’s hard on scoli parents, too!! Please post below if you would be interested in writing a letter for a fellow scoli patient/parent. Your letters will be sent to thousands of patients all over the world! Thanks for everyone’s help! ❤️
Higgy Bears will be closed Monday, December 17th- January 2nd for the holidays. Any last minute gifts need to be placed by Monday! Any open orders will be going out Monday, as well. Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎄
Custom Higgy Bears on the way.. to.. Singapore!!!! 🇸🇬 Thanks @scoliosiscare for making scoliosis “bear-able” 🐻 for your patients!!
“Mia ❤️ lovvveeeeessssss ❤️him!!!! We had her brace fitted yesterday, and she has loved him ever since. She picked him up to take him to bed last night. Thank you so much” -Mom
“Getting a brace has been the worst thing for my daughter. She’s been scared & depressed since they told her. So grateful to Lauren for making the cutest giraffe ever for my daughter. It was last minute, the print had to be ordered, yet Lauren got it done. All in time for my daughter’s 1st Brace Day. It was the best surprise for her. It made the whole thing special. Thank you for giving my baby back her smile.” ❤️ . . Thank you so much for sharing, Casie! I’m so happy that this little Giraffe made such a hard day just a little bit more bearable for her. That smile says it all!
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