Sriram "Sourav" Choudhari

See it's simple, be good and the other person will be good to you. In this world of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter we have somewhere forgotten the art of being good to others, specially to women. Some people sit behind their phones and keyboards and talk nonsense without thinking what the reader might go through after you have hit the sent button. We have become materialistic when the need of the hour is to be sensitive. We think troubling them will somehow make us cool, but if we think so then we are the biggest fools. Mannerless people will never make it afar, they'll be stuck in the gutter where they came from. If you want her to be the girl you deserve then be the man she deserves. It's not a one way highway, it's a dynamic process where you give something to receive something and there is nothing better than respect. Respect them if you want a pinch of respect in return. And trust me, respect is all they want, love will find it's way eventually. #tag anyone you want to share with__ Penned by _ #muzzammil_lambate #instagram #instaguy #instaguys #instaquote #instaquotes #instagood #instagoods #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #attention #attitude #attitudeera #women #girl #feminism #feminist
There are hundreds of emotions running wild at the same time in her mind at the given point of time. It's difficult to understand her, let alone know what she might be thinking. Anger is one such emotion which you don't know when it might spur. It's still okay when she is angry, at least you know there is something wrong, you won't know what exactly but you know that you need to make it right, it's manageable. But the real worry is when she is quite like a lake. It's flowing but you don't know what's beneath that silent peace. There might be a strom waiting to burst open. There might be a volcano that erupts and burns you before you even realize. Worry her silence, because it might drown you deep and you'll be left to think what went wrong. Try to listen to the subtle hints and be patient, be very patient and don't leave her side. It's the time she needs you the most. She won't show it because that's how she is. Just stay! #tag anyone you want to share with__ Penned by _ #muzzammil_lambate #instagram #instaguy #instaguys #instaquote #instaquotes #instagood #instagoods #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #attention #attitude #attitudeera #women #girl #feminism #feminist
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