sc•adinya7 ♡

216🆘📍|| 🥀💔✌🏽•judge me when your perfect💋🗣•🥎🎀

🥀 b a b y g i r l 🥀
i wanna teach you a lesson🤫😏
I got the munchies for your love🥰👅💍
*picture this🏴‍☠️🤤💞*
•he wanna be my main but ion listen🤤💋•
♡•lil bad ass bitch you popin•♡
baby your love is to good to be true💓‼️
and at that moment she knew she was worth the world🤩🤤
•in the end imma still do me🤩🤪👌🏽💞• ( P.S yes i am wearing a shirt)
•you got my heart, got my mind😤💕•
•when it comes to love💛we are primates breaking sticks while pointing to our hearts💛•
Baby, I’m yours until the sun no longer shines☀️☁️