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🔥 @nbctitangames Competitor 💍 LEO Wife 👮🏻‍♀️ LadyCop 🐕 FurMom 🏋🏻‍♀️CrossFitter @crossfitversatile ⚽️Player/Coach 🐦Twitter: HawkinsAE13

Max and Bella 🐾🐾
Such a pleasure talking with Katy!!! 💙💙 @keepmovingforwardstudio #Repost @keepmovingforwardstudio ・・・ “Work as hard as you can because you never know who’s actually watching.” Ep. 11 of the #AthletesOfTheTitanGames Podcast with @hawkins_ae is now available. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes to hear the stories of all your favorite #titans . #keepmovingforward @therock @danygarciaco @nbctitangames @sevenbucksprod
This BATTLE y’all don’t wanna miss between two incredible moms @beastingthebeauty and @fitgurlmel 💙❤️ this Thursday @nbc at 8pm EST. @nbctitangames @therock @asmithcoprod @sevenbucksprod #Repost @therock ・・・ I give you my word, you DO NOT want to miss @nbctitangames THIS THURSDAY. One of the most inspirational tests of heart, will, strength and pride of TWO AMAZING WOMEN who refused to give up and refused to give in. I applaud my two incredible TITANS @beastingthebeauty and @fitgurlmel with so much respect. This Thursday you will too. #StrengthOfAWoman @nbctitangames THIS THURSDAY @8PM on @NBC.
I hope you guys enjoyed ALL the amazing competitors that threw down on the season premiere TONIGHT!!!!!! A lot of y’all have been asking, but there was 64 competitors! 8 compete an episode!! You’ll have to stay tune each week to see who is gonna battle it out on that episode!!!! Stay tuned to @therock @nbctitangames to see who throw downs next week, same time same place, Thursday, January 10 @nbc @8pm EST #DJs64 #nbctitangames #bloodsweatrespect #bornprimitive #earnednotgiven #NSNP #nostrugglenoprogress #feedmefightme #livelife #dontsettle #painisweakness #crossfitversatile #ladycop #police #bluelinebeasts #barbellsandbadges #fitcops #teamfitforduty #girlswithmuscles #girlswholift #liftlikeagirl #savagebarbell #fatbarapparel #wodbottom #wodndone
🔥🔥Sorry boys but the WOMEN are here to steal this show!!!! ❤️💙 #Repost @therock ・・・ I’m callin’ it now. The women competitors of our @nbctitangames will STEAL THE SHOW. Why? I did not alter my challenges for the women. If the men have to hammer thru a 350lbs of concrete ball. So do the women. If the men have to run thru a 1,000lb wall at Mt. Olympus. So do the women. I have too much respect for women to change it, but more importantly — they wouldn’t want it any other way 💪🏾 Because of this, the physical and mental arcs our women go thru are simply spectacular and boundlessly inspiring. They got hurt. They bled. They conquered. I’m so proud of these women. And you will be too! Join us TOMORROW NIGHT for our big 2 hour works premiere of THE TITAN GAMES on @NBC. #ShesABadAss
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