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Ralph Dibny, P.I. on The Flash. Proud pit bull dad. Vegan for the animals. Taller than you think. Twitter: @thebigHtonight

People do confuse the two of us all the time. @candicepatton #theflash
Have met so many wonderful beings this weekend at @heroesfanfest New Jersey. But, my favorite juuust might be Luna. #dogsofinstagram #theflash
Just finished a long day on set. @candicepatton and I *insanely* excited for @heroesfanfest this weekend. See you there! Special appearance by @zoekravitzwishes #theflash @cwtheflash
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Jersey. Looking forward to meeting all these folks from the tri-state area - not far from where I grew up driving county roads way too fast and backyard wrestling (don’t do either of these things they are not safe). Come get some! #theflash @heroesfanfest
This #FlashPoint stuff is getting ridiculous. @cwtheflash #theflash
The Captain. #theflash @cwtheflash
A #throwbackthursday to a couple weeks ago at Comic Con. Had such an incredible time meeting folks from all over. And always so much damn fun with the Flash Family. #theflash #endBSL #adoptdontshop #enddogfighting #Repost @cavanaghtom ・・・ Lift. #TheFlash @candicekp @daninicolet @hartleysawyer @grantgust @jparkerk3 @dpanabaker @tha_los #sdcc2018 @lathoma3 @danielpancotto #jesseLmartin
Happy place with my hearts. Go the hell outside, people. #throwbackthursday #nature #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram
*Extremely Urgent* South LA Animal shelter received a huge intake of dogs and has !!332!! dogs. # If you can FOSTER for even a few days you will save a life or lives. laanimalservices.com to do your foster application and drop off at South LA shelter before 5p today or 8a tomorrow. # Many dogs will not make it through the weekend, including several dogs I have worked with over the last few months. I am heart broken. # WE CANNOT ONLY ADOPT OUR WAY OUT OF THIS PROBLEM! Pressure the Mayor @mayorofla , City Council, GM of LA Animal Services to offer free and accessible spay/neuter programs or this will never stop! @laanimalservices @southla_animalshelter #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram #animalrights #foster #volunteer
Over the weekend, watching the trailer for Michael Dougherty's follow up to Gareth Edward's 2014 Godzilla (which I loved) literally brought tears to my eyes. It was as if every fantasy I imagined as a little boy sprang to life in less than three minutes. # One of my very earliest memories in all my life is watching Godzilla rise out of the ocean in ToHo's 1954 (Americanized in 1956 with Raymond Burr) masterpiece "Godzilla." I became a lifelong Godzilla fan, collecting toys and movies and playing video games of one of the most globally recognized icons in #popculture - a love that has never left me. # Godzilla has always been an allegory for humankind's folly - our narcissism in the face of nature. Originally intended to showcase the horrors of the atomic age through the lens of the Japanese people; the core of the story is intact here - we are guests on this planet, and at the mercy of natural forces more powerful than we can ever hope to be. Bow down before your King. # @wbpictures @legendary - please take my money!! And thrilled at the announcement of the brilliant @bearmccreary scoring next year's movie. And a brilliant cast including some of my favorites Kyle Chandler, @verafarmiga and @milliebobbybrown -- I cannot wait to be in the darkened theatre for this. #godzilla
True heroes multitask. #sdcc #cwsdcc @cwtheflash
My teachers always said I had great potential. #Repost @cwtheflash ・・・ I woke up like 'dis. Kicking off my @hartleysawyer takeover for #cwsdcc
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