Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor

Actor. Cinephile. Football fanatic. Film/vinyl collector.Sneakerhead uk 8.5/9 Mirzya(2016) Bhavesh Joshi Superhero(2018) Bindra(2019)

Your story is the greatest legacy you will leave to your friends it’s the longest lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs... @offspringhq #offspringhqfogsize85bone .. T shirt @nike . Sneakers @fearofgod @vans bought from @nonchalantlifestyle_ pants @ourlegacy 📷 @buzzookha Fit by me.. 2019 is set to be @jerrylorenzo year ... excited to see how he takes things forward and creates his own legacy
Do you remember when you were a young child and were so confident in your imagination? free and happy... then one day you grow up learn how the world functions and how society works.. and in order to “fit in” and deal with society and feel like less of an outcast you become a different version of yourself... that’s when you know they’ve won and you’ve lost... never lose your individuality... because that’s the only thing you have that’s all you ... and it scares them
Notice anything odd about this picture ?
“Be the game changer.. the world is already full of players “ 📷 @toranjkayvon
“That sun is shining on me “ @djkhaled
Here’s some #mondaymotivation ... shot on iPhone 💪🏻.. I prefer a lean natural athletic build for myself .. I always like feeling light on my feet and prefer this sort of an appearance as opposed to looking too big and boxy .. I also like wearing oversized clothes and slipping under the radar.... every once in a while I take my clothes off ☺️🤒😋
Bring me food
“The true mystery of the world is the visible and not the invisible... I for one never pretend.. and trust me you shouldn’t either “ #whatyouseeiswhatyouget
The sun is shining on me #throwbackthursday
📸 @rohanshrestha major throwback
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