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From the Atelier to the runway our show video from the @carolinaherrera Fashion show during #NYFW .
Preview video that dropped right before the @carolinaherrera show in NY this season.
Love this shot. @carolinaherrera at #NYFW
When we create content for clients it’s important to us that we repurpose that footage in a variety of different ways. We dig into the footage and look for moments that can be turned into gifs, shorter videos or other compelling visuals. The footage is no good to us sitting on a hard drive, we rather the client use it and our work be seen. This is an example of one short video gif we pulled from a larger project for @carolinaherrera
Up next: content we created at the @carolinaherrera show during NYFW.
@sheckwes photographed for Spotify.
Teaser of the @sheckwes #mudboyspotify release for Spotify, swipe ⏩ to see full video.
@sheckwes at the #mudboyspotify release in Harlem.
Check out the @spotify feed to see the video we created for their Sheck Wes event
@koche at Paris Fashion Week. Created for Swarovski.
Paris Fashion Week : @koche @marineserre_official @kevingermanier Created for Swarovski
@kevingermanier at Paris Fashion Week. Created for Swarovski
Walk throughs for fashion shows.
Our recap on Milan Fashion week. Covering @pcademartori and @vivetta , created for Swarovski.
Crystals at @pcademartori during milan fashion week. Created for @swarovski.
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