HANJPN 浮世!!!!

📍 Las Vegas, NV ✖️ film maker

Did a little edit for tonight since I head off to LA tomorrow. Here’s the teaser for @davidx2__z33 mountain run. • • P.S. if anyone knows how to kill the weird glitch in the audio pls let me know. I’ve tried everything, playbacks on premiere seem fine but after exporting, the problem re occurs.
✞ The Devil ✞ • • • @davidx2__z33
No color grading yet, here’s the bone skeleton edit of my premiere timeline with some transitions and speed ramping from #themakeupshowla
Ok ok everyone’s been asking me for the video, it won’t be posted yet, but here’s a teaser and some morning motivation. • • • @alloutcruise_
✞ Paradigm Shift ✞ • • @boolslv
The Real Wolf of Wall Street. @_wolf_life • • Wish this man a happy birthday. 🎂
Leveling up so fast the competition can’t catch up. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. • • s4: @_wolf_life
Just in case you guys didn’t know, David’s full feature film is uploaded to my YouTube. Link is in my bio. • • Open for booking, DM for inquiries!
† Dragon † • • @davidx2__z33 • • David’s full video of the Z will be on my YouTube soon. Here’s the Instagram feature. I hope you guys like it.
† No Mercy † • • @tonys_srt_fighter
✞ Lucky 7 ✞ • • @jonflip29
Witch House . . @itsnachog8
I pray to Cale for all my blessings. . . @cale_z33 @matt_dk95
Decent pictures taken from an iPhone. Never about the equipment. 💁🏼‍♀️
Don't worry. When people break their old selves they embark a journey to find their new selves. . . . @heyhentai
“Ohhh let’s do bad things.” . . . @heyhentai
“There’s a lot of evil people here, I’m one of them.” . . . @heyhentai
Always nice to be working with @cosmoprofna cool meeting a lot of people and making more media friends lol. Enjoy my non automotive video.
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