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‘This is based on a true recent incident’ Bully 1 attaches the above image and tweets: LMFAO you call that a fashion icon? I want to throw up. Bully 2 replies: omg I need to bleach my eyes. Bully 3,4,5,6,7 join in with similar replies. ————— ‘Few hours later, I was added to the thread. I decide to stand up for myself ’ Me: Clashing prints is as normal in fashion as you bully on Twitter. PS: this outfit was for a themed party, called RETRO CHIC, I won best dressed. Question.. Those pictures were posted by my friend who has a private account. Wondering how much stalking was required from you? Bully 8 replies: Is she okay? You’re really out there calling yourself an influencer without accepting criticism? Girl. We need to talk. ————- ‘You think I replied?? Read the rest to know’ ________________ The reason why I wrote the entire conversation is to showcase a topic that I and so many of my followers have been victims to, 1- Bullying is a major issue in real life but cyber bullying is more dangerous. Bullies feel safer behind the phone screen and thus become more aggressive. 2- Bullies send typed words through a keypad but on the other end, the bullied receives sharp daggers. 3- It all starts with one bully for others to emerge and gang up. Hatred fosters hatred, love fosters love. Always stand up against bullying. 4- Don’t let anyone deny you the right to stand up for yourself. Bullying is not ok. Bullying is bullying. It is not criticism and it is definitely not justified. 5- If someone is not happy with what you are doing they can simply unfollow or mute you. 6- Stand up for yourself, defend your stance, then withdraw in the right moment. .... And for that, I replied, Me: It’s not criticism, and trust me I’m used to hate, criticism and bullying. Hate: I don’t like that outfit Criticism: I don’t like that outfit, but to each his own. Bullying: you call that a fashionista? I want to bleach my eyes. Moments later Bully 1, deleted the tweet and blocked me. Other bullies continued to take part while I withdrew in the right moment to gain peace of mind while letting them know #IWILLNOTBEDELETED@RimmelLondonArabia
When the eyes speak
Get you someone who would run after you like this carry-on. 😂😂😂😂
The day and age of social media has made it very accessible to hide behind a screen and throw daggers through a keypad. I for one am a victim of cyber-bullying everyday. And for that I’m super happy to be part of this anti-bullying campaign led by @rimmellondonarabia #IWILLNOTBEDELETED !
Let’s talk about this jumpsuit.
Left or right? (Should I go crazy 😜 😸)
Looking back to go forward. #ElGhalebFeChina
All the swag, all all the swag, for @rimmellondonarabia 💥💥💥 can’t wait for the campaign!
✨💥On set with @rimmellondonarabia for a big campaign! Stay tuned
Eyyyy China // wearing @fendi @semsem @maxmara // #ElGhalebFeChina 🇨🇳
Suit-up Saturday. 💣
Shine brighter than a starry sky 🌌 // #ElGhalebFeChina 🇨🇳 // wearing @madiyahalsharqi @tods
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