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toziercult lead float | jyatt cult | derrycult lead i use after effects cc 2018

who wants a dt in my fillie to fack & nillie pt? comment your name (posting at 3:30 EST)
i’m really about to actually deactivate or go on hiatus because my account is actual trash, all my followers are dead, and i only get 1/5 views on my edits than I should be getting based on my follower count. Yikes!! Cya, never?
our baby boy really snapped this weekend, didn’t he. dt: natalie & liz @pradalovex @jyattsediting (idea and audio are both mine, give credits if use) if this flops i’m deactivating.
i know my wife looks like dora but she’s still cute. haha please don’t kill me karls, ily @finnaurora
[watch till end] a ship that honestly deserves more recognization, i would generally die for them. for the nillie hoes gc + ryan ib: @miketoziier ac: me
this is an old edit lmfao whoops, but it didn’t flop and i didn’t use hashtags so i’m keeping it up, sorry it ruins my theme
5k finish my edit! Download (without thumbnail, text etc.) is in the giveaway link in the post before this. -Put finished edits in #grxzereditsfme -Due tbd (it will be in mid-october) -Mbf me -Tag 2-3 editor friends who might want to join (if you tag in here you don’t have to tag for the giveaway) -And put this on your story! Once again, thank you for 5k even though this is a bit late I couldn’t ask for better followers, thank you to those who’ve been here since my old account and also to those who are just now finding my account, I love you all so much <3 disclaimers: feel free to make your own intro and outro, only things NOT to do is 1) steal edits and 2) remove my watermark. (audio credit: jvnary) — #omgpage #fme #finishmyedit #omledit #omgpageedit #explorepage #finnwolfhard #collab #opencollab
Thank you for 5k followers! It honestly means so much <33 The photopacks will be on my giveaway as soon as possible. An HD version of the fme will be in the giveaway folder. Rules to be accepted: -Tag two friends -Post on story (im checking) -Mbf me Then, request If you use my photopack tag me so I can see your edits! (You don’t have to use the photopacks for editing). If you have any questions please comment (don’t dm) so if other people have the same question I don’t get 502857 asking me the same thing. — #omgpage #explorepage #giveaway #milestone #editinggiveaway #scenepacks #photopacks #strangerthings #stemmys #emmys
phat phannie hours™️ @floweringdan is SHAKING dt: luna (thanks for the scenes), maëlys, bella, phannie hoe nera, marta <33
Welcome to derrycults first recruit! - the rules are follow @grxzeredits @kaspbrak.aep @wolfhvrdvids & @jaedensediting tag 2-3 editors Post on ur story Put the hashtag #derrycultrct on 2-3 posts due sep 29th — #omgpage
wow i miss this dweeb dt: Maddie, Karla, Teah, Paris, kay [@auroras.x #, @finnaurora , @awhshane , @jackscrocs , @fackediting ] y’all better not let this flop
wow i snapped! I remade my best friend, liz’s edit, but i made mine on ae and not ccp. Go check hers out, mine is the walmart version of hers @jyattsediting tag mills and sadie? @milliebobbybrown @sadiesink_
loneliness /ˈlōnlēnəs/: [noun] sadness because one has no friends or company.
noah + puppies ! ignore this scrap it’s just a twixtor practice. dt: zareen !!
imagine him throwing me off a cliff ugh i stan that. dt: nef, karla, nera, ‘jaedens mom’, delaney, yasmeen, elena ac/rm: @marsglcw sc: @s2nset
don’t even tell me there isn’t a connection between them. dt: karla, liz, delaney, ryan my audio
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