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Gritty Pretty™ is Australia's leading beauty website, digital magazine and curated e-boutique founded by @eleanorpendleton.

Live in Canberra? Got plans this weekend? Meet @eleanorpendleton this Saturday 17 November at @theclinic_skinhealth to discuss all things skin. Tickets available via link in Instagram Stories. #GlowGang #TheClinicSkinHealth #GPPartner
NEW SKIN POST • The Power Of Bee Ingredients in Skincare • P: Richard Johnston • CD: @eleanorpendleton • H&M: • now on GRITTYPRETTY.COM • #GrittyPretty #GPPartner @guerlain #Guerlain #AbeilleRoyale
SHOP NOW ON GRITTYPRETTY.COM 🖤 @the_ayu Souk Perfume Oil • A luminous perfume oil of rose, jasmine, musk and sandalwood in an organic, Ayurvedic base. Sacred, spiritually gorgeous and guaranteed to attract at least three compliments in one wear • #GrittyPrettyBeauty
BE QUICK – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW – LINK IN BIO! A Gritty Pretty Colour Experience with @chanelofficial ❤️ November 22 – Melbourne November 27 – Sydney November 30 – Brisbane Tickets start from $119 and include gift bag. Places are strictly limited and expected to sell out fast.
NEW SKIN POST • The Australian Skincare Brand That Gets You • P: @jackkdillon@jessicarolfe1 • H&M: @shaunacrowleymakeup • now on GRITTYPRETTY.COM • #GrittyPretty #GPPartner #Ultraceuticals @ultraceuticals
SHOP NOW ON GRITTYPRETTY.COM 🖤 @sachajuan Ocean Mist • Responsible for more accurately beachy Instagram hair than the actual ocean • #GrittyPrettyBeauty
Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, we're coming for you! Pre-register for tickets via the link in our bio to one of three interactive beauty events, in partnership with @chanelofficial Melbourne - November 22, 2018 Sydney - November 27, 2018 Brisbane - November 30, 2018 Keep checking your inbox for early access ticket release, coming soon • #GrittyPrettyxCHANEL
NEW MAKEUP POST • Beauty Q&A: Does My Concealer Go Before Or After Foundation? • now on GRITTYPRETTY.COM • Got a burning beauty question? Comment below, and we’ll answer it one of our upcoming Q&A posts #GrittyPretty
SHOP NOW ON GRITTYPRETTY.COM 🖤 @beccacosmetics Beach Tint In Guava • Want lips and cheeks that look like they were born infused with antioxidants and pretty, pretty colour? This makeup stain will do that and it won’t slip in water. #GrittyPrettyBeauty
If you’re looking for a little pampering, or perhaps your skin needs some extra TLC, look no further than Gritty Pretty’s #LittleBlackBookOfBeauty , (featuring @aleshiamarie__ in Byron Bay, @priveeclinic in Sydney, @theclinic_skinhealth in Canberra, and @theaestheticskinclinic_ in Melbourne) #AleshiaMarie #PriveeClinic #TheClinicSkinHealth #TheAestheticSkinClinic
NEW SKIN POST • This @guerlain Serum Doubles as a Facial Peel • now on GRITTYPRETTY.COM (link in bio) • #GPPartner #Guerlain #AbeilleRoyale #GrittyPretty
SHOP NOW ON GRITTYPRETTY.COM 🖤 @biodermaaustralia Sensibio H20 500ml • Introducing the original makeup-dissolving micellar water that started the whole micellar water thing. Perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive – even waterproof makeup is dissolved without irritation, leaving skin feeling fresh and moisturised • #GrittyPrettyBeauty
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