Daily Gaming uploads

On this account I will be doing anime drawings, mainly naruto. I you want me to post any of your drawings please send them!

Took my new plunder the graves commander deck for a spin today, I won easily!
Yayy I finally made it to no.1 in my clan, is this good for builder hall 5? How good are you guys?
Yayy I did it!
Catch Of The day
Yayy finally save up enough😁😁😁😁
Shoutout to @ihotpocket !
Shoutout to @pkmn_trainer_colress !
Yayy new event!
Other stuff about today!
Yay a new Vaporeon that is good!!!
New top 9 all above 2k soooooo happy!!!
About today!
This reminds me of the old one
Some nice cosplay apart from the last!
Yayy!! I need bulbasaurs to get my venusaur!
Just logged on to my th7 account after 2 weeks and saw a Ton of loot waiting for me😍😍😍😍
Catch if the day!
Sick! A new event, I need that pika candy!
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