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26, Romania Co-founder @infsd.swimwear New Vlog/ Happy Birthday Babyliss!!

Saturday flexin’ Watching Hercules right now🛡
“Purple haze, all around Don't know if I'm comin' up or down.” (Jimmy Hendrix) So happy to share with you our first product launch #INFSDPurpleHaze from the #INFSDneons2019 collection. Have you seen the boxes? It comes in a limited edition Ultraviolet Marble Box. #InfusedGirls #INFSD More infos&pics on @infsd.swimwear or you can shop it directly from our website. Pic by @toma_paul
No one knows what we have been through or what our pretty little eyes have seen. And that kind of mistery gives us strength. That kind of strength born from pure mistery is the one that makes us keep our composure in times when others would love to see the opposite. I love that shit. 📷 @mariasdimian
Happy B-day, @babyliss_romania. Babyliss aniverseaza 3 ani de existenta pe piata din Romania. Au fost 3 ani plini de campanii fructuoase, uneori chiar si momente de tensiune, la fel ca in orice colaborare/relatie, dar ne-am gandit sa organizam o intrunire super cool cu fetele castigatoare ale concursului BaBabyliss #CurlSecret si sa sarbatorim acest moment asa cum se cuvine. Sper sa va placa si voua acest video, chiar mi-a placut mult conceptul si m-am implicat 100% . @anitabadea ) si @biancadeaconu , castigatoarele concursului a fost super simpatice si cooperante si, desi am anticipat ca filmarile vor dura aproximativ 2 ore, ne-am trezit ca la ora 10 seara inca eram la locatie pentru ultimele cadre. Acest lucru a avut loc in contextul in care la ora 12 ne-am intalnit la makeup, de care s-a ocupat @_isisalexandra . In prima faza optasem pentru un makeup in nuante pamantii, ceva mai safe in orice caz, iar dupa ce am remarcat machiajele Anitei cu verde si galben exotic si al Biancai, ce avea un oranj puternic, am decis sa schimb nuantele si am ales rosu. Iti multumim @alexmatei pentru toata rabdarea si pentru faptulca ne-ai suportat haha si fetelor de asemenea. Sunteti cei mai tari. Partea amuzanta e ca toate cadrele din video pe care le vedeti si in care dansam, sunt trase fara muzica fiindca mi s-a descarcat boxa de indata ce ajunsesem la locatie, asa ca totul a fost improvizat, pana si ritmul/sunetul care era inexistent. haha Ce nu mai vedeti sunt cele 3 mega pizza cu extra topping-uri pe care le-am comandat inainte sa incepem, au fost dementiale. @shay2blue , a fost cea mai draguta si s-a oferit sa ne puna la dispozitie pentru toate filmarile. Nu cred ca s-a suparat ca i-am lasat o gramada de baloane si un tort aproape intreg. Apropo, tortul a fost delicios, este realizat din bezea si frisca de casa cu fructe, de catre Victoria de la @pavlovehouse . Yummy! Cu acest video se incheie si ultima mea campanie alaturi de BaByliss si, desi ma invaluie deja o oarecare stare de nostalgie, simt ca vom realiza o groaza de proiecte si mai interesante pe viitor! video: link in Bio pic @alexmatei
Jam on it Yesterday at @magazinele_splendor ‘s FW18 collections
I believe in fantasy and was always attracted by a deeper level of perception of things and time. Everything around us is so fragile. But astrology will always remain a misterious compound of my beliefs. I am a cancer, cardinal sign, rulled by The Moon - an extremely sensitive planet. It gifts us with an extreme conscientiousness about other people’s feelings as we are ruled by feelings of empathy that lead us. We are not only able to connect with others on a very deep level, but also we try best to help them with every struggle they face. We feel other people’s struggles as our own and are always passionately driven to illuminate the way for them. At times, this can be exhausting and lead to feelings of burnout and hopelessness. However, our powers are more than just the desire to help, and we have an array of tools at our disposal that we may not even have been aware of. Did you ever notice how calm we feel around oceans? Because water is our main element. As a child, I experienced strange feelings, as the Sea felt like my second home, but a home full of nostalgic strikes. The Moon is the main source of light during the night and even though the light is weak, it is generally enough to guide any person who is walking in it. Metaphorically, this is echoed in the people who are ruled by the Moon. Like the Moon, we give light to people who are enveloped in darkness. The Moon represents the personality, the subconscious, and the instincts; it represents our dreams, since we do most of our dreaming at night. Did you notice that full Moons can have effect on the vividness and frequency of remembered dreams? Have you ever had lucid dreams? Lately I’ve started to analyse them as the distorted reality that I experience does not frighten me anymore. We are an emotional flux of energy; we vibrate, we connect not only by touch. To really experience change to the fullest extent, we need to allow ourselves to move out and through it, meaning we have to experience the emotions. Have you ever tried to understand things beyond the reality that you were thought to see or feel? I think that everything we see is not everyhting that is. 📷 @mariasdimian
And I do enjoy every little thing. Every little thing about it.
Just hold on, we’re going home ♥️
“We’ve got way too much in common” 😂🤞 @sephoraromania ‘s #MagicalChristmas collection
What are feelings without emotions? I’m going in for the kill.
Fairytale issues 📸 @bmerlusca_photo
No dark sarcasm in the classrom
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