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To cap off #GQWatchWeek , we got GQ staffers to show off the watches they wear to work. We've got family heirlooms, Amazon specials, out-there vintage finds, and even the odd smart watch. See the stories behind them at the link in bio. (📸 @matteomobilio )
Go inside the Manhattan workshop where the most complicated, expensive, and shouted-out-in-rap-songs watches in the world are serviced, at the link in bio. (📸 @matteomobilio 📝 @camjwolf ) #GQWatchWeek
What to Wear Today: The best bomber jacket around (that would be one with shearling). (📸 @ericraydavidson ) #wtwt #ootd
They are plush, hardy, and having a moment. #GQBestStuff rounded up the swankiest, sturdiest corduroy shirts that money can buy at the link in bio. (📸 @mattymarty )
Michael Peña (@mvegapena ), the runaway star of Ant-Man and the Wasp and the forthcoming Narcos: Mexico, talks to GQ about inspiring (and being inspired by) a generation of Latinx Americans at the link in bio. (📸 @bradtorchia )
Cleveland Browns wide receiver @juice_landry runs us through his day to day essentials, from his favorite cologne to the book he always carries with him at the link in bio.
What to Wear Today: A micro-check coat with major retro vibes. (📸 @alasdairmclellan ) #wtwt #ootd
We finally believe the moon landing is real because Ryan Gosling said so (in our November cover story). Go see his movie, 'First Man,' opening today, and hit the link in bio to read up on how it was made. (📸 @giampaolosgura )
Hey, remember when we told you about how @tchalamet is going to eventually rule the movie world? Beautiful Boy, his new movie (opening in NYC and LA today and everywhere soon) is the kind of movie with the kind of Timotheé performance we were talking about. Based on a real-life father-and-son pair struggling through the latter's addiction, it's a terrific follow-up for the young actor's incredible 2017 one-two punch of Lady Bird and Call Me by Your Name. (📸 @ryanmcginleystudios )
Migos standout @quavohuncho is about to go solo. Well, sort of. The ATLien released his first album, Quavo Huncho, apart from his group today. But he says major moves like this will always be about the home team. “If I make myself a great artist by doing this, it only makes our group super, super huge,” Quavo told GQ. “It makes the demand even bigger and better.” See more from @stassi_x ’s interview with the rapper at the link in bio. (📸 @kristaschlueter )
What to Wear Today: The full stripe family, all in one fit. (📸 @kaizfeng ) #wtwt #ootd
Two of Sweden’s most influential brands—Acne Studios and Fjällräven—have dropped a collaborative line to celebrate two important Swedish pastimes: partying and exploring the great outdoors. The result is a wide range of gear that could practically outfit an explorer kicking it anywhere from Stockholm to Sacramento. See more at the link in bio. (📸 @elizavetaporodina )
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