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The official charity of America's national parks and nonprofit partner to the @NationalParkService. #WeAreParks #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

We need to band together to be ready. As soon as the #shutdown ends, the @NationalParkService will need both financial resources and volunteers to help repair the damages our national treasures are experiencing. . If you cherish these places as we do, follow the link in our bio to act now. . #WeAreParks . [πŸ“·: @petrifiedforestnps / Andrew V. Kearns]
When the shutdown ends, we will work with the @NationalParkService to determine its immediate needs. Garbage and sanitation issues may just be the tip of the iceberg. Natural habitat restoration, graffiti removal, and other volunteer efforts will also likely be top priorities. For parks' sake, act now so we can be ready when the government reopens – follow the link in our bio. . #WeAreParks #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque . [πŸ“·: Bachir Badaoui at @pointreyesnps ]
If only National Bird Day (today) were as popular as #BirdBox ! You'd have a lot more picture of binoculars in your feed and far fewer blindfold jokes. πŸ¦…πŸ¦†πŸ¦‰ . Your national parks are home to a vast number of different birds. Check out the link in our bio for a few parks to try birding in! . #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque . [πŸ“·: Tracy McGee Saunders at @haleakalanps via @share_the_experience ]
Views like these are possible with just a bit of planning and preparation. . Download our free Owner's Guides (link in bio), plan your next #FindYourPark adventure, then wake early to take in the incomparable beauty and eye-opening history preserved in your #NationalParks . . These places are your inheritance. How will you enjoy them this year? #EncuentraTuParque . [πŸ“·: Nancy Danna at @dinosaurnps via @share_the_experience ]
The news continues to roll in and the effects of the shutdown are being felt across the #NationalParkSystem . Know that we remain hard at work, alongside hundreds of local philanthropic organizations and other park partners, on behalf of your #NationalParks . We all have a role to play in making sure the parks we all love and share are protected now and always. Follow the link in our bio to show your support. . [πŸ“·: Cliff LaPlant at @sequoiakingsnps via @share_the_experience ] #WeAreParks
"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take." ~Lewis Carroll . Take a chance in 2019 and do what you've never done before! Visit the #NationalPark you've never been to, try the activity you've always said you would, and #FindYourPark with someone who hasn't been able to experience it before. This year is full of possibilities! For more inspiration on new ways to experience your parks this year, head to the link in our bio. . #EncuentraTuParque . [πŸ“·: Norman Lathrop at @badlandsnps via @share_the_experience ]
The #ShareTheLove event wraps up tomorrow! Make the final hours count by supporting this annual event with @subaru_usa. Read more details about the event and check out our #NationalPark playlist that’ll be the perfect addition to your next #RoadTrip in a #Subie ! Link in bio. [πŸ“·: Andriy Blokhin at @grandtetonnps via @share_the_experience ]
New year = new you, right? If new adventures in #NationalParks are on your bucket list, explore becoming a @NationalParkService VIP (volunteer-in-park). . You could work in places like the campgrounds of @denalinps , along the trails of @joshuatreenps , on the fences of @eisenhower.nps , and more! . @AmericanExpress invites you to #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque in 2019 as a #NationalPark #volunteer . Discover the opportunities that await at . [πŸ“·: @nationalparkservice ]
Your 2018 #FindYourPark adventures could win you $10,000 and other great prizes through #ShareTheExperience ! The photo contest closes on December 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Follow the link in our bio to enter today. . #EncuentraTuParque #WeAreParks . [πŸ“·: @poordogphotography via @share_the_experience ]
When you look back at 2018, which #NationalParks hosted some of your favorite memories? . Was it a long walk along a familiar trail, a riveting ranger talk about a piece of history that was unknown to you, or a view that was so beautiful that it took your breath away? . Tell us your favorite 2018 park memory below and then consider how that memory makes you feel. Consider how important it is for others to share that feeling too – to understand the need to protect the place that makes that feeling possible. And then consider helping ensure that place and those stories remain protected and accessible for all by supporting your national parks (follow the link in our bio). . #WeAreParks . [πŸ“·: Iswar Biswal at @denalinps via @share_the_experience ]
Loving #NationalParks isn't a passive hobby – it’s a purpose, it’s an understanding that we all have a role to play in preserving them. . Loving national parks means making sure that these treasures are protected now and always. . Join in loving your national parks by following the link in our bio. . #WeAreParks #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque . [πŸ“·: Yu Shi at @YosemiteNPS via @share_the_experience ]
The federal government shutdown will impact the over 400 #NationalParks in different ways. . The @NationalParkService has indicated that park roads, lookouts, trails, and open-air memorials will generally remain accessible to visitors (though this may change without notice), but there will be no NPS-provided visitor services. . If you had plans to visit a park, please be sure to check the park’s website for more information. More in the link in our bio. . #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque #WeAreParks . [πŸ“·: Emily Forrester at @ncascadesnps via @share_the_experience ]
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