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🎧 New Pod! 🚨 #GLASS is the final chapter in a trilogy 19 years in the making. Was it worth the wait? Featuring a special guest! Also: BRAD PITT IS DATING CHARLIZE THERON?!?! More hot news of the week and trailer breakdowns for your listening pleasure.
New Post! Link in bio. Rounding out our '2019 Most Anticipated' series are 5 #VideoGames we are unbelievably hyped for! What are you looking forward to most this year? Bonus pick from our friends at @thechumpcast !
First ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Poster!
🚨 New #Podcast ! 🎧: From the undeniable kings of 2018 like #AStarisBorn to the soulless #TheHappytimeMurders , we break down all the best and the worst #movies of 2018. Whats your pick for favorite and worst movie of 2018?
New photo from ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, starring Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba. The #FastAndFurious universe is beginning to form!
Double feature! We return with reviews of #Vice and #Bumblebee . One a highly anticipated follow up to The Big Short, the other a highly not-asked-for-at-all prequel/reboot to a revolted franchise. Hear how they fare + a recap of the #GoldenGlobes !
New Post! What was your favorite movie, tv show, and video game of 2018? Click the link in our bio to see ours! Alternate universe #SpiderMan , #BreakingBad side stories, and #MonsterHunters are just a few of the appearances you can expect. Next up, our most anticipated releases for 2019 - coming soon!
🚨New Episode!🚨 Aquaman was silly as hell, but it was the right move for the DCEU. Hear our full thoughts on the podcast!
Uhh...first look at #Aladdin ’s Genie. Thoughts?
Could #SpiderManIntoTheSpiderVerse be the: - Best #SpiderMan movie ever? - Best Superhero movie ever? - Best MOVIE ever? Tune in to this week's #podcast and find out! Plus: Bonus coverage of the hottest news and trailers of the week! #podernfamily
#GlitchCast is back! In our week off, the entertainment world exploded with huge news about #Oscar hosts, #CruellaDeVil , #JurassicWorld , #Anchorman , #BlackMirror , and so much more. Plus, a bevy of trailers (hello #AvengersEndGame ) hype us up and down. Download now!
A New Captain Marvel poster has arrived! PS - A new teaser will drop tonight during Monday Night Football!
#ToyStory4 poster has dropped! Are you excited for more of Toy Story or was #3 the perfect end to this series?
*cue Rocky theme* #CreedII is here! We saw the EIGHTH movie in the Rocky Balboa Cinematic Universe (RBCU) on opening weekend and have recorded our half-baked insights (and non-spoiler reviews) for your listening pleasure.
#TheLionKing teaser trailer and poster is here!
🚨New #Podcast Episode!🚨 We saw the latest in the Wizarding World of #HarryPotter , #FantasticBeasts : The Crimes of #Grindelwald ! A bonus guest joins us as well to provide her expert #Potterverse opinion.
Double Feature! We review #Overlord - basically a Castle Wolfenstein movie, and #OutlawKing - basically a Braveheart movie with Chris Pine's needle. ALSO: #DetectivePikachu trailer is a surprise hit, #ToyStory4 is coming, and more!
🚨New Episode🚨! Is #BohemianRhapsody a killer queen or a does another one bite the dust? (See what we did there?) We review the long awaited Queen / Freddie Mercury 'biopic' both spoiler free and spoiler filled. Bonus news & trailer coverage as well!
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