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Double Feature! We review #Overlord - basically a Castle Wolfenstein movie, and #OutlawKing - basically a Braveheart movie with Chris Pine's needle. ALSO: #DetectivePikachu trailer is a surprise hit, #ToyStory4 is coming, and more!
🚨New Episode🚨! Is #BohemianRhapsody a killer queen or a does another one bite the dust? (See what we did there?) We review the long awaited Queen / Freddie Mercury 'biopic' both spoiler free and spoiler filled. Bonus news & trailer coverage as well!
🚨New Episode🚨! Just in time for Halloween🎃, #TheHauntingofHillHouse reminded us that you can have excellent horror AND a great story with compelling characters. Hear our full breakdown and an extended "What Ya Watchin" on this week's #podcast 🎧!
🚨 New Episode! #Halloween 🎃 is a 'soft reboot' / sequel to the original, ignoring everything after it. We finally have a polarizing episode of conflicting views, with one of us saying: "I had fun with it!" & the other saying: "Worst movie of the year".
We saw 2 movies generating early Oscar buzz, one had us like 😢 & the other had us like 🤢. Listen to spoiler free & spoiler reviews for #AStarIsBorn and #FirstMan ! Plus our hot takes on News & Trailers of the week in this weeks episode of #GlitchCast 🎧!
🚨We're late to the party, but our #Venom review #podcast 🎧 is here! Spoilers: We didn't hate it...what?🚨 Bonus: #PetSematary trailer reaction, #LiloAndStitch live action movie news, a #Barbie movie starring #MargoRobbie and much more!
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First poster for #PetSemetary is here! Trailer drops tomorrow. Who else’s childhood was traumatized by this book/movie? This one stars Jason Clarke and John Lithgow.
New Poster for #Aquaman ! New Trailer drops tomorrow! A Son of the Land... A King of the Seas... He’s the Protector of the Deep.
Jon Favreau reveals his #StarWars TV show: #TheMandalorian , with Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell from GOT) rumored to lead!
🎧New #Podcast ! 🎧 Lots of hot news this week! #TheKingsman franchise is getting a prequel, we've got our first look at X-Men: #DarkPhoenix , and more! Plus, we breakdown the new #Netflix show #MANIAC starring #JonahHill and #EmmaStone .
New #Hellboy poster from Entertainment Weekly! Directed by Neil Marshall, the new Hellboy movie will star #DavidHarbour (Stranger Things) as the big red monster hunter.
(X-Men) Dark Phoenix Official Poster: "In DARK PHOENIX, the X-MEN face their most formidable and powerful foe: one of their own, Jean Grey." Starring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.
A new #Creed poster is here! Starring #MichaelBJordan . Think this is a victory yell or a defeat yell?
#GlitchCast is back with a hot week of news: #SpaceJam2 , #TWD 10-yr plan, #Bond25 updates and so much more. Then we breakdown the latest Paul Feig effort #ASimpleFavor . Do #BlakeLively + #AnnaKendrick boost a twisty thriller or does it fall ill to odd tone?
First look at Joaquin Phoenix in make-up from “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover). Thoughts? Full video here @toddphillips1
Wanna play? Your best friend is getting an update. #ChildsPlayMovie @OrionPictures Young actor Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out, American Gothic), Parks and Rec alum Aubrey Plaza, and Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry are set to star in MGM’s Child’s Play remake for Orion Pictures.
#SpaceJam sequel news heating up today with teaser image from @springhillent and ‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler attached to produce. MJ fans how do you feel about this?
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