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When you don't have a back of a phone lmao 😂 Steven universe ♡
This be my child😂♡
She's an angel when she wants to be
Park today
You have just witnessed my kid beating me up 😂 she was watching this with me & laughed the whole time
I was trying to show off my bad makeup skills & got distracted by my little girl 😍
Needless to say their was some cool freaky shit on the walls of that tiki bar
Sake bombs & sushi
Rest in peace bb I always looked up to you
We here at 4am
Is it bad that I've been obsessed with jeffree star since his MySpace days & I didn't even like MySpace.. But ever since I've looked up to him because he never gave a fuck about how other people saw him & I've always wished I was like that plus he don't put up with anyone's shiy being fierce is everything
Now that my eyebrows have finally grown out right & I'm training them I don't have to put so much black into them
Babies & puppy's are the best things ever
😂😂😂 I don't remember this
Ya know it would be really great if for once I could I could sleep at night like a normal person.. But here we are again can't sleep it's almost 8 am just on YouTube
I'm ugly but look at his smile ♡♡♡
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