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Oh Bouy ⚓️ Seas the day
🔗👖 @stevie_dance
Couldn’t chair less
Training has well and truly begun. I’m often asked about about how I train for certain jobs, but the truth is I do year round and though it’s part of my job it’s never a chore, in fact I love it. I am driven to the best I can be even if that requires hard work and I want to deserve everything I am given. You’ll never feel real gratitude for anything you feel entitled to. So keep working hard, working out and be grateful you can💪🏽🙏🏼🙌🏽 ph: @netaporter @jonwetherell
Stepping out of the studio ♥️.... [ & shout out to this kind photographer who initially caught me chowing down on a box of guacamole I stole from set, and allowed me to bin the box to get a more ‘flattering snap’ 🐷🙈👅🥑🤦🏽‍♀️ ]
🔗 Testing a new night time regime-(besides as many hours in bed as possible) 1. Cleanse @bioderma Sensibio H20 2. masque déstressant (once a week) 3. @Drbabarasturm super anti-aging serum 4. @Cosmedix_ Define treatment 5. If Im travelling or feeling dry either le solution 10, or thicker @drBarbaraSturm face cream 6. Eye gel 7. Lip balm @nuxe
🧠🌸👅💕It was my sixth flight this week, but candyfloss skies and getting to see the wonders of the world make lonely airport hours and hotels all worth it 💕👅🌸🎀
Blues 👖 #MyCalvins
BACK TO BEAUTY in VOGUE 💄 @HungVanngo with @Marcbeauty
That you Wilson? 🏐
Mother nature’s masterpieces 🎨
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