Gavin Terrell

I'm a banana 😋🍌

His name is Ron
This bird is beautiful. By the way his wings are broken and can't fly.
Haven't done this in a while, so here's a cat.
My friend Satan gave me chocolates for Christmas.
Making bombs.(Actually it's a portable phone charger, but lets say it's a bomb)
No filter
He does this every time he's in the grass #doggo
It's a doggo
That's bright
Another way of saying "You don't have any friends, and I'm better than you." #savage
This fool sucks #brothers
Outside Camping
Don't worry, I'm a professional.
A balancing defrosted exploded can of soda. This is sorcery. #drpepper #sorcery
Just shaved and realized my hair looks amazing. #perfecthair
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