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This Friday! @anderson._paak x @funkflex !!!!! Movie !!!!!
Shhhhhhh! Private Event! @gunna Litdigital Brunch Music Review! Host/Mediator @djbobbytrends !!! On the set: @funkflex !!! @litdigitaldjs x @shaketheblock @iamjeffthedon @novanyc !!!!!!!!
I’m so ready for this!
Yo Don I could of been in this vid! My hairline is back! I just bought a brush for the first time in 15 yrs!!!!! (SONG CRANKING)
Shhhhhhh! FunkFlex returns! Terminal 5! March 7th!! Aboogie performing! #SOLDOUT !! This is going to be bananas! I can’t wait! @ciroc #CirocPartner @litdigitaldjs ( Aboogie x @djbobbytrends come to Brooklyn Steel March8th! ALSO #SOLDOUT @americanexpress #Amexlife
So mean! Cranking! Via: @royceda59
Gifts are always appreciated! @findzen x @laurastylez thanks so much! West my closet getting right!
I went by Facebook / Instagram offices today! I know I was annoying everyone!
While you say “Society” is holding u back... (Excuses) I’m out here “Working” twice as hard as you! 👑
More paint coming off the walls!
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