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Sushi leftovers = Onigiri today! For a first try I'm really proud.
Sushi night! Been years but I've still got it.
Compiled September's cards, always best to be a month ahead of schedule just in case.
Finally put up the cork board and covered it in things that make me feel good. Letters, family pictures and the cutest things my partner has made for me. There's also a place for the weekly list of planned dinners, so I don't pester.
Pink Moscato and facemask kind of birthday. Did I see my 24th happening here, like this? I could never have anticipated how I'd be, where, with who, but it has all been worth it. Here's to a trying but rewarding year, and whatever comes next.
Tis the season.
May showers bring friends! (This is a second floor window... How???)
New bed who dis
Happy 31 days of painting! One whole month, I can definitely tell I've been getting better. If I kept it up there'd be a measurable difference by the end of month two I'm sure, but I don't know if I'll demand a painting a day from myself from here forward. It's been a blast, if you've got the materials and time I'd totally suggest it.
I swear I'll do something different tomorrow.
Yeah, blue trees and orange sunsets ahead.
I'd say take two is a success. Probably like the galaxies, I get the feeling you'll be seeing more snowy landscapes this week.
Tried something different, screwed up, tried something else.
Really is a shame about the pilling. Getting better at thick grass, improving all the time.
Getting better at taping, felt like doing patterns today.
Slowly, the way out is appearing.
Wanted a pink sky, made myself a pink sky.
Shitty lighting brought to you by procrastination and hitting a wall in my month of art challenge.
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