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Just wanted to say a huge thanks to @walkerbrosco for letting me rep them overseas. Over the moon with something so simple and effective. It’s the team and the image that goes along with such a great little product that really gives this key grip it’s personality. #WalkerBrosCoSouthWalesDivision #walkerbrosco #teamwalkerbrosco Go hit them up to see why I’m so hyped on a key fob.
Ok! I give up, who did i order this in for 😂😂🤷‍♂️it’s in anyway.
Shut from 3.50 today sorry, Alice has a proper job so I gotta pic up the sprog. #norarue #dadlife
‘Eader #norarue
Been using my C in GCSE ART today to the fullest. Can’t wait for the FREESTYLE XMAS DOO on the 28th Dec gonna be a blast. bands are Tuff Pintz, Lt Meat and Cruel Prank. All bands ride for the shop haha! @carvewicked @bailey_boss_015 @whybotherinternationalfashion @ltmeat and Me
Skateboarders will really apreciate this gift. Yours is not to question why, yours is to “hurry up and buy!” @dwindleuk @enjoi by the way it’s a bottle opener as well.
Got a few @carvewicked tees in, tell Santa youve been good because maybe he won’t check 🤷‍♂️
@darkstarskate Buddy Completes now on line, free postage, £85 full and mini.
Did you miiss out on the @101skateboards @erickoston we have 2 left rideable price for a screen printed re-issue £57 8.28. “ X 32.2”
Did you miiss out on the @101skateboards #AdamMcnatt we have 1 left rideable price for a screen printed re-issue £57 8.5” X 31.75”
So rad seeing @yeah_buddy_wax on a board, buy this @darkstarskate set up for £85 or with a bag for £119.95 bags are available on their on for £45 #frenchielovers #frenchieonaskateboard
This is Tuesday aka today. Be back at 3 soz
Got a couple of mint series 2 #Nighthammer decks in store and on line £75 and limited as anything, not many made it across the pond unscratched, these are minters for hanger fiends.
Closed 1.30 till 3 today for #norarue Christmas concert #AllGravy
Prepare yourselfes for a media blitz. Soooooo much rad stuff from @dwindleuk @dwindledistribution @blindskate @darkstarskate @tensortrucks @andalebearings
A close friend and old band mate @dominicjmayer did this painting as a gift. #CruelPrank “fan art” haha! It’s so nice to have such nice, talented friends. Thanks dude, i really love it. Band shirt for the future for sure.
Much on today? Pop in to Freestyle petting zoo.
It was a firm no from @yeah_buddy_wax but #dinksthedog was hyped. Haha! Is it even Christmas intil Dinks has her elf costume on and Buddy refuses to keep his snowman costume on.
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