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⭐️GAGA X CRITICS CHOICE ⭐️ . . . . . How to Style: Spray Blonde Life Brightening Veil throughout towel dried hair. Use Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Foam Styler. Shake well and dispense a small amount into hands. Apply evenly to clean, damp hair and comb thru. Blow out hair with "ghd" Air Blowdryer using boar bristle paddle brush. Part hair in a deep side part . Spray Joico Ironclad Thermal Protection Spray before Using "ghd" Platinum + to curl and set in pin curls thought head. Allow curls to cool before removing clips. Comb out using "ghd" Detangling Comb and with small amount of Joico Sculpting Lotion in palm of hands, Sculpting"S" waves in front of face. Brush out curls in back and side using a "ghd" Oval Dressing Brush spraying Joishape Shaping and Finishing Spray to hold. . @calvinklein @tomeerebout @sandraamador.xx @sarahtannomakeup @mihonails #fredericaspirashair Using @ghd_northamerica #ghdhair #ghdplatinumplus @joico #hairjoi #ladygaga #criticschoice #astarisborn #bestactress #bestsong #hair #hairstylist #hairstyles #haircolor
I am so honored and grateful to be nominated by the @local_706 for our work on A Star Is Born movie. It is with great gratitude and honor to be part of a team of very dedicated and incredibly talented hair/wig artist @lori_mccoy_bell bell @joyzapata2 @welldressedwigs @brsamia with the phenomenal makeup team @therealve @debbiezollermakeup @sarahtannomakeup. Our hair team alongside with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, we set out to tell the story of love, obstacles, success and tragic loss. And through the process of visually erasing everything of Lady Gaga's persona you've come to know by first designing a hairstyle that allows the audience to see only the raw and blank canvas that is the creation of Ally that you first see in the movie. And then as Ally meets Jack, through time, the fate and the consequences of falling in love whist becoming famous and successful takes its toll. Ally Maine's hair becomes a consequence of the record label who then ultimately decides for her what her hair color should be. Which is where the choice to color Ally's hair a fiery crimson ginger comes to place. I felt it gave her character a new persona which contributed to the creation of the Mega Super Star Ally. Then as tragedy and time passes you see her reform back to the original Alley sans red hair and dark roots back to what she was always meant to be, herself. This was one of the most memorable experiences that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who worked on this film. Especially, the hair and make-up crew who welcomed Sarah and I to collaborate with you, ❤️ u! A big Special THANK YOU to @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper for putting your heart into this project and believing in me! Love you! 🌟 #astarisborn #astarisbornmovie #ladygaga #bradleycooper #local_706 #guildawards #muahguildawards #fredericaspirashair
Congratulations @ladygaga on winning the best actress award tonight at @nbrfilm #nationalboardofreview !!! Saying I'm just proud of you wouldn't be enough! You've come a long way baby and you're here to stay! The award is you and you are the award! I love you for kindness and thoughtfulness in everything you do! You truly deserve all the stars in the sky! 💫❤️ -Freddie
Congratulations @ladygaga @iammarkronson on your win for Best Original Song "Shallow" at the @goldenglobes 2019 ⭐️ !!! And to all the other nominees and winners this year! What a glorious year of beautiful art created!!! . . . . 📸: @paolakudacki #ladygaga #astarisborn #bestoriginalsong #goldenglobes2019 #fredericaspirashair #hausofgaga @joico #joicocolorintensity #hairjoi @ghd_northamerica #ghdhair #wearetheonly
Golden Globes goes GAGA! 💙 . . . Styled: @tomeerebout @sandraamador.xx Makeup: @sarahtannomakeup Nails: @mihonails Hair: #fredericaspirashair using @joico & @ghd_northamerica #wearetheonly #joico #colorintensity #hairjoi #ghdhair #hair #hairstylist #haircolor #hairstyle #bestoriginalsong #ladygaga #bestactress #astarisborn #redcarpet #hausofgaga . . "Step-by-step how to" Color: 1. Joico Blonde Life Lightner to create the brilliant blonde 2. Joico Color Intensity in Sky and Rose mixed together with Clear Mixer to make the Cerulean Blue. .(Color flock color throughout hair giving hints and translucent color to flow threw. Try not to overpower with color so blonde still shows thru like a stainglass window.) To Style: 3. Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil throughout. Comb thru with Wide tooth GHD comb. 4. Using 1-inch Round Boar Bristle Brush and GhD "Air" blow-dryer on High heat and med speed. 5. Run the GHD Platinum + throughout hair to create smooth finish. 6. Spray Joice Body Shake throughout. 7. Using GHD Boar Bristle paddle brush to sweep hair up into ponytail. 8. Wrap and twist hair into a half bun leaving end of hair out parted to each side of head. 9. Wrap ends of hair around 1 1/2 GHD curling iron to create long lasting curl. 10. Spray Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray.
Happy New Year!!! 🤗✌🏼First post of the year! ⭐️ I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been so supportive and kind this past year! 2018 was a big mixture of very highs and very lows. Personally, I had to learn to let go of love lost and wonder how I was ever gonna pull myself out of love...time will heal the heart. I've rekindled old friendships, made new ones and sadly seen some disapate. Professionally, I've have been fortunate to experienced some great highs and made new partnerships that has made me so excited for the new year!!! I have so much to be grateful for but most grateful for is my family and friends without whom I would've been lost. Lessons were learned, lives were changed and today is a new day to start living in the moment and cherish my time. It's time to explore what inside of myself, continue the journey and share what I've learned. Here's to the best year yet 2019! Let's go!!! 🙏🏼 ✨✨✨✨ with great gratitude, ✨ love Frederic ❤️ . . . . #fredericaspirashair #hairstylist #hairart #hair #wigs #newyear #instagram #ladygaga #joico #partnership #hairjoi #wearetheonly #grateful #2019 #journey
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