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This photo is from a couple weeks ago. Only 2 weeks into my prep and already missing the blown out offseason pumps. I always stress eat, eat, eat. Eat like a barbarian and don’t be scared to get a little fluff on your body. Not only because it sounds cool to say you weigh 250lbs.. Ok I’ll tell it to you like this. I weighed up to 308lbs this offseason. Yes it sucked, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavy. Couldn’t put my socks on normally, had to SIT DOWN to put my pants on lol. BUT. And it’s a big but. The one hour a day in the gym when I got to use all that food was absolutely awesome. Some people talk about pump but I don’t think they’ve experienced a true pump. Getting a pump when you’re intermittent fasting is one thing. Getting a pump when you’re smashing 6000 calories a day is something totally different.. 🔻 Just eat. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
The ongoing debate - When you start a contest diet or transformation diet do you just flip the switch or ease into it by eliminating things little by little? 🔻 Personally for me it’s like flipping on a light. The day I start is the day I start. There is no in between, there is no grey area it’s just black n white. Was eating like a fat guy. Now I’m eating like an athlete😬 #Hosstile #hoss #kagedmuscle #sacrificewithoutregret #realwork #dyingbreed
Decided to finish my leg workout with some CrossFit. 😬 Just messin around, this is my variation for lunges. Reason; knees were slightly sore so instead of traditional lunges aggravating things more, I did these. It was a great finisher. Able to get deep and really burn out the entire leg. It’s important to have tools in your arsenal to use when needed and not just for the hell of it. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
Leg day was pretty crazy today. No facial expression, no smile, just torment. Pump was so good tho, there’s not a line to be seen in my quads lol just veins 🤷🏽‍♂️ Here is the workout if you want to try it. (All sets are pyramid sets with the last one/two sets to failure) 🔻 1️⃣Lying Leg Curl - 7 x 15 2️⃣Reverse Hack Squat - 6 x 12 3️⃣Leg Press (frog stance) - 4 x 15 4️⃣Hack Squat - 4 x 8 / 1 x 20 5️⃣Machine Pistol Squat - 2 x 20 🔺 Always have my @kagedmusclesupps #inkaged + #aminosynergy mix with me. Sometimes I need the extra push from Kaged supps. Use code HOSS15 @kagedmusclesupps to save some money on your next order! #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
Little bit of shoulder work today. Head down, blinders up, not over analyzing, just working day after day. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realwork #dyingbreed #kagedmuscle
Back to our regular programming. Back day essentials: rowing heavy shit, pulldown with good form and dead lift of any kind. Notice the bottom of my rack dead is mid shin. None of this shit where it’s racked mid thigh and I’m lifting it a couple inches. If you’re going to deadlift, do it right. Get a little bit of quad, little hamstring, some glute involved and then a whole lotta back! 🚪 Back day goals: to block out anyone’s view who is behind me unless they can see over me. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realwork #dyingbreed #kagedmuscle
Back to 2008 at Metroflex Arlington. Sommer was the shoot director and I was the model dude wearing a little pair of shorts 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🔻 GUYS! This is how you know you have the right girl: 🙋🏽‍♂️Me: hey I know it’s Valentine’s Day but do you mind if we save dinner until I get cheat meal? 🙋🏼‍♀️Her: I already knew we weren’t going to dinner today. Let’s win that show. . 🔺 Guys, if your girl doesn’t support your dreams, find a new girl! She’s not the one. . (Btw this is the same for girls too, your man should always push you to be better 😉) Tag your support system! Happy Valentine’s Day Sommer! 💃🕺🏽 #hoss #hossette #sacrificewithoutregret
Ok back is officially the best day of the week! I stopped Barbell rowing for a long time after an injury but since I started rowing again, back is the day! I still don’t go heavy but I make sure I get lots of volume in to make up for it. I don’t think volume completely makes up heavy lifting but since I’ve built a foundation I can go a little lighter and still make improvements. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
I was never a fan of traditional good mornings with a barbell. This variation always felt a little better to me because I can focus on the hamstring contraction and not having to balance the weight with my low back. We all have a muscle that we just can’t seem to build the way we’d like. Hamstrings have always been stubborn one for me. Regardless never give up on a lagging muscle just keep trying new ideas until that light bulb goes off. **note: for those that are worried about their neck, the rack is resting on my shoulders. My neck is safe. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
In relation to my last post this is what I have found for my own hamstrings. Doing more compound movements for hamstrings has resulted in more growth. I used to think the burn from lying leg curls was what it took. I would do 8 sets on a lying leg curl before moving to the seated leg curl. That is not the same burn you get from a compound movement like deadlifts or squats. Now, I’ll do 2-3 variations of a stiff leg deadlift or some type of wide leg squat/leg press with feet in front to target the hams. I’ve also added regular deadlifts some days to my hamstring routine. I don’t know with 100% certainty that this is the way but it definitely feels like it. #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
What’s the best way to build hamstrings? I’ve heard some say their hams exploded with growth by doing heavy low volume type workouts. Others say, slow, controlled, feel the muscle working with lots of high volume sets. I have tried heavy, I have tried light, both have created some growth but what do you guys think the holy grail is for ham growth? It’s hamstring day! Let’s get some answers so I can start growing! #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realwork #dyingbreed #kagedmuscle
Some decline cable flyes to finish off chest today. This is what the workout looked like: 1️⃣Incline Barbell Press - 3x8 2️⃣DB Incline Press - 3x8 3️⃣Hammer Incline Press (banded) - 3x8-10 4️⃣Incline Smith Machine Press - 3x12 5️⃣Decline Cable Fly - 2x15 🔥 Fuelled by Prekaged pre workout and Inkaged during. Use code HOSS15 to save on your next order! #hosstile #hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #kagedmuscle #realwork #dyingbreed
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