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Looking like one of my illustrations ✨ Im having a great week. I’ve been deleting the Instagram app on my phone and re-installing it ONLY when I need to upload something WHICH PREVENTS MIND CONSUMING SCROLLING and has enabled me the mind space to create more art and get work done! Also charging my phone in the kitchen at night and not sleeping next to my phone means I’m not scrolling in the mornings or before bed. We are at PEAK content consumption, no matter how positive the pages you engage with, passively consuming ANY content on social media is proven to deplete your energy and reduce your happiness... • Just another reminder from me to be mindful about this device we take around with us that is monitoring our behaviour and manipulating our thought processes. Have an amazing week and remember you’re only living for your damn self - internet people do not get to dictate your happiness with spiteful projections of their insecurities!
If you’re like me and you’re a highly sensitive person who feels EVERYTHING, you empathise deeply with others, and probably have a hard time setting boundaries and saying no to people, too. You see the best in everyone and believe that you can fix them and open everyone’s mind but babe...you cannot. You simply CANNOT. There are some people who are just beyond reasoning, and you will exhaust yourself. More important than that, you do not EXIST as an open source for their EMPOWERMENT. These people are manipulators, and whether online or in real life your boundaries matter. So set them. Ever notice how they start attacking you the second you start to do things for yourself? You do not exist for them. That’s a toxic relationship. Cut it off. I’ve finally started blocking people who harass me without feeling guilty about it and I feeeeel amaaaaazing • Protect your energy my love, the people who matter and care need you at your best ✨
Instagram removed a ten-part post I made with examples of the male gaze, so I’m uploading again without the ‘pornographic’ example. Already says a lot about how overly sexualised women’s bodies are, for an ADVERT to be considered pornographic, doesn’t it? 😒 • Women have always been expected to conform to the desires, needs and beauty standards for male consumption. Take shaving our legs...the insecurity of visible body hair on women was a capitalist seed planted by male advertisers in 1915, because they realised they could make a fuck load of money selling female razors. They made us insecure, filled a gap in the market...et voila! We’ve been socialised to be disgusted by our own bodies for male consumption and literal profit. • The male gaze is inescapable. The use of the male gaze across all media platforms for years has perpetuated the narrative that our bodies exist for them, and is a contributing factor to why so many women experience sexual assault. Men are literally socialised to believe that our bodies exist for their consumption. It’s time to change the narrative. Dismantling this system benefits EVERYONE!
If you like my art and want to find a way to support me...buy my prints and make your boyfriend mad by covering your bedroom walls in it !!! (True story sent to me by one of my followers, her boyfriend said my feminist agenda was ’ruining their relationship’ as she became more empowered and decided to stop shaving her body hair) • Buy any print/prints and I will put a random A4 print worth £25 in for free! Link in bio - Ends this Friday!
Internalised misogyny is the silent killer of this movement. It’s something that we prefer to avoid addressing because we spend all day preaching ‘girl power’ and ‘female empowerment’ - yet we STILL constantly tear each other down, with the socially programmed and unconscious belief that there is only enough room for a few of us to succeed and live a fulfilled life on our own terms. • We are taught that our value is in our appearance, and as long as capitalism keeps us insecure, we’ll continue buying their solutions (products) to fill the insecurity void. So when we see a woman rising, in an area that we do not, we do not see her glory. We don’t see ‘her’ at all. We see our insecurities reflected back to us. We LIVE in a sexist society, we are going to internalise it. We have been socialised to believe that one woman’s success is OUR failure. • There is enough room for all women to be whole, and to fulfil our own purpose whatever we desire it to be, without ripping apart another woman to get there. We are all on a journey of dismantling and unpacking the bias bestowed upon us from the white supremacist patriarchy - but it’s important to remember that we must practice empathy with one another where we can, to keep this movement ticking along! Society loves to see us distracted and pitted against each other, it’s a way of making sure we’re not paying attention to the fact that it’s profiting from our pain.
I hope you feel attacked...because I do lol. Go have a lovely morning!! Reminder that even though we don’t ‘think’ social media is making us feel like shit, well, it definitely is. Even on a subconscious level, mindless scrolling through other people’s FABRICATED and curated lives, we compare ourselves. We literally can’t help it. It was designed to be addictive and sell us products we don’t need, through insecurities that they either created or tapped into... • Stop obsessing over other people’s shit. Fill the void that social media has created for instant gratification and write a diary entry about how fucking amazing you are, first thing in the morning! Do NOT rely on external factors to temporarily fix your insecurities. You are not going to be your best if subconsciously you’re trying to be someone’s ELSE’S best. Because you’ll never be like them, and they’ll never be like you. In fact, are they even what we perceive to be as ‘them’ if their feed is curated and a highlight reel of false moments? ...unfollow these people, make sure you ONLY engage with pages that uplift you! Love u 💗
This is still my best advice. Social media is killing us inside and destroying our humanity. It’s monitoring our behaviour, modifying it, tracking our insecurities via our google searches, showing us 3rd party adverts selling us products to FILL those insecurities, making us less empathetic, basing our value on numbers, flipping the ‘pack-mentality’ switch on in our brains which essentially brings out our inner troll to make us feel morally superior when we tear people down and...there’s a lot of insidious destruction that it’s causing so please be careful to MINDFULLY CONSUME if it’s part of your job/life and CURATE YOUR FEED! Sean Parker (co-founder of facebook) admitted that they designed these algorithms to be addictive. Addiction is not a byproduct of social media...its PART OF THE DESIGN! Protect your energy 💆🏼‍♀️✨💓#worldmentalhealthday
When I posted this yesterday I asked white women to come and put our heads together to discuss what kind of actions we are going to take to be better in our feminism, I was trying to ‘get my people’ and wanted to facilitate an action-based conversation...but in doing so this hurt a few black femmes who contacted me saying that the comments became a place for white women to gloat/perform saviourism. Something I cannot ignore. I am truly sorry and apologise to anyone else that this offended, as I am sure that if two people said this there were more. I never want to cause harm here, even if it’s a few people. The first rule to standing in solidarity with a group of people is to listen and to hold yourself accountable when you fuck up, so I removed the post. I will continue engaging in anti-racist work and educate myself offline, and share resources created by WOC because clearly...white women have got work to do! - Floss • Unfortunately I had to turn comments off due to colourism and whitesplaining. Apologies if anyone was engaged in good discussion here, but I have to monitor my comments and prevent harm.
Looking for someone to do my headshots in London !! (All high qual pics of myself are nude and unfortunately hunny that just isn’t professional is it) DM me! I’ll pay your rate - must be LDN based - no straight men (I’m not about the male gaze sorry) ✨
My collab with Maile (@artbaby69 ) ❤️ we thought it was a good time to release, in solidarity with Dr Ford and all women who are speaking their painful truth to bring justice for women EVERYWHERE. You’re strong and we see you. • ‘Nice’ doesn’t change the fact that women and femmes are still victims to not only sexual assault at LARGE, but the constant gaslighting of our experiences, telling us they’re INVALID and that we deserved it, to avoid holding men accountable for their actions • This self-appointed title of ‘nice guy’ only serves to make it ‘not your problem’ and pushes the onus back onto women to ‘be more careful’ further blaming the victim and enabling rape culture. 90% of rape victims ALREADY KNOW THEIR RAPIST. How can we possibly tell women to be MORE careful, when they probably already know the person who has raped/will rape them? If you really are one of the nice guys, you wouldn’t need to say it. Actions speak louder.
I am HERE for passionate women !! Within about 20 seconds of meeting each other we were already discussing white feminism and cultural appropriation lol. I’ve always been told by friends/family in my life that I’m TOO intense or TOO political, but I’ve learned that ‘too much’ just means passionate. I refuse to feel like a burden for passionately expressing myself, engaging in critical conversations and questioning everything including myself...don’t shrink yourself down to make others feel comfortable - uncomfortable conversations are paramount to your GROWTH! ..Just find different friends who appreciate your gorgeous open mind ❤️ Thank you to everyone who came to support at my event with @weekday_stores on Regent Street and bought a tee/collected a free one!
Tee design for @weekday_stores ❤️ read my last post for info on how to cop one! • Unlike your typical highstreet feminist tee, designed by a man with a graphics tablet, and printed by underpaid and exploited workers... Weekday commissioned me, a young independent creative, to design a tshirt that will be screen printed IN-STORE by myself and their employees, in London. The plain tee’s that we’ll be printing onto are made from 100% organic cotton, produced in a factory in Turkey with great working conditions and unions that ensure a fair wage for EVERYONE. Weekday also agreed with my terms to screen print tee’s for bigger girls for FREE if I supplied them, because they don’t supply tee’s bigger than 20. Its BIG for a highstreet brand to cater to the demands of a teen artist. I turn down work for big brands ALL the time because their morals don’t align with mine, even when I’m tight for money. If for a second I thought this collaboration would exploit workers (as people were SO quick to assume yesterday) I would’ve withdrew the design and donated my commission in an instant. • Feminist tee’s need to be made ethically, they also need to be accessible/affordable. Which is why I’ve held off selling my tee’s on my site until I can find a supplier that provide organic cotton, go BIG, remain affordable and can do fulfilment/returns. Bare with me! It’s a process... but quality takes time.
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