Flaviana Matata

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Nimejaribu kwa haraka kuelezea hatua muhimu za kufata wakati wa kupaka rangi ya kawaida(regular manicure). Arusha sasa hamna haja ya kuagiza mzigo toka Dar, bidhaa zetu zote @lavy_products zinaptikana kwa bei ya jumla na rejareja, watembelee; LEYARO COSMETICS , STAND NDOGO, OPPOSITE GOLDEN ROSE HOTEL, No 0746 071502. #LavyMani #LavyProducts #LavyNailPolish
Find your lane, make space for the flow to show itself, follow the natural rhythm of your life and you will discover a force far greater than your own #ThePathMadeClear
Last night celebrating @dvf awards 10th anniversary and women champs. Love @therealdvf work as an iconic fashion designer but most important how her philanthropic work has been helping women across the globe. Always a pleasure to support her and the team #DVFAwards #incharge
Thank you @womenintheworld for inviting me last night to your 10th anniversary event. It was inspiring to be in a room with many women who have shaped our communities and world through their selfless and courageous actions. I enjoyed listening and learning from all the speakers including the leading keynote Speaker, Oprah Winfrey! Always love being in spaces where I learn and feel motivated by other people’s actions. #FlavianaMatata #WITW
GLOWING UP💫 was such a dream to shoot for @fentybeauty thank you so much @badgalriri @artbyhector @dennisleupold and the entire team for the opportunity. I can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign #bodylava #trophywife
You know I’m tired when i start acting silly but i had to make a quick stop at #beautyconnyc to support my new friends, more on my stories. #thebeauties #FlavianaMatata
I got glammed for #thebeauties 💅🏿 #flavianamatata
There’s no greater joy than giving back to the community that has given me so much. But, standing on stage last night receiving “The Beauties award for Beauty(Lavy) and Humanitarianism(FMF)” is an honor I’ll forever cherish. Thank you @beautycon & @sheamoisture for this recognition that i accepted on behalf of not only the lives we touch, but the community and my father who gave their best to raise me. Your dreams should be on your terms. But remember, if your dreams don’t include helping someone else, you are dreaming too small! We are all born with gifts we are supposed to give back to the world - make sure you use your #BeautyCon #TheBeauties #FlavianaMatata
More from Yamba Malawi Gala For Good . @krisyasker @kaufmanfranco @hueb #FlavianaMatata
Out to support and celebrate @yambamalawi great work they are doing with kids in Malawi. #FlavianaMatata
Took a break out of my crazy schedule to refresh and explore something new, the @SnarkPark debut installation Lost and Found. As an #AmexPlatinum Card Member you can get early access tickets for May and June during the exclusive pre-sale on 4/3 – 4/5. I really wish my nieces and nephew were here, they would have enjoyed this even more than I did. Check out my stories for the link for tickets. #AmexAmbassadors #AmexLife Terms Apply #ad
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