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When you try to be cute but your biceps is taking over 🤷🏼‍♀️💪🏻😅 Can you be cute and have biceps at the same time? Let me knoooow what you think. . Guys, one more day left to take advantage of @womensbest sale! Code “Protein” will get you 15% off your order and you’ll get 3 protein bars free! Sweet deal so how can you pass on this opportunity! . New workouts for my website are in progress! Subscribe today! Link in bio. . 💗💗💗
Good Morning and Happy Friday 💗 . Today I will start working on the workouts for next week for my website! For new people here - Subscribe and start your free trial! Link in bio! . So it’s Friday, and I’m here with a great shoulders workout that I just did! Bookmark it and tag your friend who need to get some shoulder gainz 🤪 1. Alternative dumbbell front raises - 15lbs on each hand (4x10 each arm) 2. Alternative shoulder dumbbell press with hold - 30lbs on each hand (4x6 each hand) 3. Single arm plate upright row - 25lbs (4x10 each arm) 4. Lateral raise to front and back to lateral - 10lbs on each hand (4x8) 5. Leaning single arm lateral raises - 10lbs (4x12 each arm) 6. Around the world - 10lbs on each hand (4x10) 7. Rear delts rope rows - 30lbs (4x10) . Hope you are having a great day and ready for a weekend! Love you ❤️
‼️Dumbells only lower body workout‼️ . I’m using 30lbs dumbbells and oh my 🔥🔥🔥 Drinking my @womensbest Amino&Energy in watermelon flavor 👌🏻 Save 15% off your order and get 3 free protein bars💗 Use code “PROTEIN” and let me know if you have any questions! And now workout details: 1. I’m not even sure how this exercise called 😅 3x20 2. Single leg deadlift - 4x10 each leg 3. Dumbbell squat pulses - 3x12 4. Curtsy lunges - 4x8 each leg 5. Split squats - 3x10 each leg 6. Heels elevated squats (targets your quads) - 4x12 7. Glute bridge (v stance) - 3x15 8. Dumbbell squat to Romanian deadlift - 4x10 Save and tag your friends cause it’s a bomb one!!😍 . Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who is supporting me and using my fitness program! I’m so happy to see so many of you enjoying it and I’m so proud of you! Join the team if you haven’t tried my program yet. Link in bio!
‼️MY CARDIO ROUTINE‼️ . I am getting a lot of questions about my cardio workouts (what am I doing, how many times a week etc.) I can tell you that I do a LOT of cardio right now! It’s 25mins in the morning after my workout session and I’m coming back later that day for another 35-40mins session. I’m doing this 6-7 days a week 😅 . What I do? I don’t have a specific regime that I follow! I usually mix between bike, stair master, fast incline walking and sprints on the treadmill. Or I can go for a hike! . But remember guys, you need to pay attention to everything: workouts, cardio and diet. Everything needs to be on point in order to get results! . If you need guidance with your workout - definitely try my fitness program. I already post so much information for you here every day, but my fitness program is just a more dedicated way to follow the workouts I create for you every week! Link in bio! . Tell me about your cardio? Are you a cardio-bunny? Do you hate cardio as I do? Let me knoooow 🤪
WHO INSPIRES YOU? . Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is great and productive so far! Guys, who or what inspires you? Why do you work hard towards your goals? What keeps you moving? For me, my main inspiration is my family and our future, so I do everything to make our future great! What about you? Let me know in the comments below! . And here is an (hopefully) inspiring ARMS workout for you! 1. Zottman curls - 15lbs (4x10) 2. Barbell curls - 40lbs (4x8) 3. Preacher hammer curls - 20lbs (4x8 each arm) 4. Squeezed dumbbell curls - 25lbs (4x10) 5. Triceps cable pushdown - 42,5lbs (4x8) 6. Cable overhead triceps extensions - 25lbs (4x10) 7. Dumbbells skull crushers - 15lbs on each hand (4x6) 8. Assisted pull up machine triceps dips - 60lbs (4x8). That’s one of my fave for triceps as you can tell🙈 . Save this workout and tag your friends who need to get some of those biceps gainz:) . Also, if you want me to train you - subscribe to my fitness program! It’s only $9.95 a month and you can try it for free. Link in bio! . Outfit: @gymshark @gymsharkwomen 😍 Just WOW
Hey hey 🙈 I posted a cool back workout earlier today, make sure you go and take a look 👀 . Also, make sure you try my fitness program if you are tired of the same workouts you do over and over again. I create new workouts for both gym and home every week and it’s super affordable! Link in bio!!! . Probably won’t have a cheat meal for another month 😭 but it’s worth it! How often do you cheat and what’s your favorite cheat meal? Let me know🤤
Good morning and happy Tuesday! Yesterday I had my first cheat meal 🍕in a month but I’m back on track! Just hoping that all that pizza is going to my Back gainz 🤪 . As always - I have 7 workouts for you today. 6 on my website (for 6 different fitness goals) and one on my insta. And all of them are fire 🔥 soo, subscribe to my fitness program if you haven’t already, link in bio and first 7 days are free! . And now the back workout I did today: 1. Reverse cable crossover - 10lbs on each side (5x10) 2. Lat pushdown - 30lbs (4x8) 3. Pull ups - 3x4 4. Lat pulldowns - 100lbs (4x8) 5. Lying on the bench dumbbell rows - 30lbs in each hand (4x8) 6. Bent over cable rows -30lbs (4x8 each arm) 7. Dumbbell shrugs - 50lbs in each hand (5x10) . Leave your feedback - I’m replying to every comment 👇🏻 and tag your besties 💪🏻 . Whole outfit is @gymshark 💕
I was waiting for @womensbest to come out with protein bars one day! And here we Goooooo😍 They just launched today and there are 3 flavors: Coconut 🥥 Strawberry 🍓 Chocolate hazelnut 🍫 Coconut is my favorite 😋😋 Oh, and you get 15% off on every order plus 3 FREE bars with code “PROTEIN” Definitely try their products out if your haven’t already! And always feel free to ask me questions 🙏🏻 . Love ya guys and I hope you are having a great day! . Subscribe to my website and start transforming your body! Link in bio 💕
Good morning! Happy Monday - the best day of the week! Great day to start new week, new goals and face new challenges! I started my week by training my legs at 7am and of course I have my workout ready for you! . It’s also new week of my fitness program, so for those who are subscribed - enjoy and let’s make some gains! And if you are not subscribed - subscribe first, start your free trial and then enjoy and let’s make some gains 💪🏻 Link in Bio . Legs workout I did earlier today: 1. Hip thrusts using leg extension machine - (130lbs on the video). I actually did 145lbs 4x8. Oh, and that was my last exercise 🙈 2. Goblet squats - 50lbs (4x10) 3. Barbell Romanian deadlifts - 95lbs (4x8) 4. Reverse lunges with dumbbells - 25lbs in each hand (4x8 each leg) 5. Side single leg press - no extra weight (4x8 each leg) 6. Leg extensions - 85lbs on the video but I went up to 100lbs (4x10) . Tag your gym buddies to challenge them and save this workout for later 🤙🏻
Good morning and happy Sunday! Worked on my Chest yesterday and it was a blast! . Before we jump into workout details I have a quick announcement - the workouts for next week are live on my website! Super exciting week that will keep you sore;) . And if you are new to my program and has never tried it before - you can try it for free! Just create an account on my website, confirm your email, chose a plan and you are good to go - you can access 6 different fitness goals with workouts! Link in bio! . And now chest workout: 1. Plate squeezed press - 25lbs (4x10) 2. Dumbbell flyes - 15lbs in each hand (4x8). Superset with number 1 3. Dumbbell chest press - 35lbs in each hand on the video! I went up to 40s for 5 reps (3 sets) 4. Machine chest press - 45lbs on each side (4x8) 5. Low pulley cable flyes - 7,5lbs on each side (4x8) 6. Watch this video till the end 😅 machine flyes - 40lbs (4x10) superset with push ups 7. Assisted pull up machine chest pushdown - 60lbs (4x8) . My chest is in so much pain today!!😅 Def save this one and tag your friends🙏🏻 . Top - @zara (I cropped it) Leggings - @gymsharkwomen
Hello my lovely people! Final notice - did you guys watch my YouTube “what I eat in a day” video? I share every detail about the diet that I’m on right now to lean out! Definitely check it out and subscribe to my channel! Link in bio! . Also, I definitely want to be more consistent with my YouTube videos and I want to be at 1 video a week! I have a lot of ideas for videos to entertain you, but please, let me know - what do you want to see next? Please comment below! . Also - please try my fitness program - a reliable source of workouts that are updated every week. It’s $9.95 a month or less and first 7 days are free. Link in bio!
Happy Friday Iulians! Do you guys like Iulians or no? I like it!) . Already working on the workouts for next week for my program, so get ready! However, there are still workouts left for this week so make sure you finish everything! And subscribe if you haven’t tried my fitness program yet. You try it for free! Link in bio! . Now, the workout I did today - shoulders!! You guys love my shoulder workouts right? . 1. Smith machine single arm press - no extra weights (4x6 each arm) 2. Dumbbell shoulder press - 30lbs on each hand (4x8) 3. Lateral raises - 5lbs (20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps. Rest for 10 second between them. That’s one set). Repeat 3 times 4. 1,5 around the world - 5lbs (3x10) 5. Upright row - 50lbs (4x8) 6. Smith machine behind the neck press - 5lbs on each side. 4x8 7. Dumbbell front raises - 10lbs on each hand (4x10) . Make sure you bookmark this workout and tag your gym buddies to challenge them! 💗
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