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@elevenwheelerr_ <3 {multi fandom}

What do you think about teotfw? @teotfw @jessybarden Credits: @chalamais
Have you watch Élite? Sorry for my inactivity but I’ve lot of exams and I don’t have time for this. I’m so sorry. Btw, some people ask me why I don’t edit like some months ago. That’s why my edit program account has ended but maybe I’ll be able to edit again on Christmas. Hope u understand Credits: @b.lckroses
thanks stranger things for everything #strangerthingsedits #strangerthings Cr: @strrger r
La casa de papel! What do you think about this show? • • • • Cr: behx.0
Wow. I can't believe that it has passed one year since stranger things season 2 appeared in our life. It's a great show and I never knew that just a show changed my life. I've known great people, such as: @elevenwheelerr_ @eleven_upside.down @finn_noah_spain @strangeer_thingss_ and more people two! One of them came to my city and we know each other. Thank @strangerthingstv for appearing on my life <3 Credits: @strangerfalls
i want the second season rn. Do u like it? #elite #eliteedits @elitenetflix Credits: @moonstilinski
do you like it? #itmovie #it #strangerthings #itedit Credits: @editssbyalex
So excited for season 2 omgg! @teotfw @jessybarden #teotfw #teotfwedit
Watch it cause it's amazing! I love those transitions Tags: @milliebobbybrown @sadiesink_ @strangerthingstv Credits: @xstrangerthngs
Happy birthday to @noahschnapp and @chloeschnapp I hope you have a great day with your family and friends! Love u! Happy 14 years old (I’m the same age as him dlvjelbfeqlbfjleqf) tag him please! Credits: s.oftschnapp
Because of this fantastic and great show I've known lot of people that now they're my internet friends. I talk with them everyday, every single moment. We support any person is the cast and our dream is to meet our idols and Internet Friends. So thank you so much @strangerthingstv for appearing on my life Tags: @milliebobbybrown @noahschnapp @therealcalebmclaughlin @gatenm123 @sadiesink_ @finnwolfhardofficial @carabuono @uncle_jezzy @nattyiceofficial @charlie.r.heaton @dacremontgomery #st #strangerthings #calpurniacometospain
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